It is normal that, after some time, accustomed to wearing the same Hairstyles, we encourage you to look for other options with which we can achieve a more feminine and striking look. In addition, to our luck, the simple models are the most fashionable, so we will not have to spend hours trying to elaborate a complicated design for our hair. If you like fresh and young ideas do not miss the opportunity to check the next post with the most beautiful casual hairstyles and you can perform in minutes.

For long hair

Current trends allow us to perform almost any type of hairstyle and one of the highlights that we cannot leave aside, are the styles collected.

These work very well in long manes and are a simple alternative for any girl. If you have bangs, you should just leave it outside and make a high bun tousled in fall. You can complement with a decorated brooch or leave it simpler to create a more natural look.

Braids are never missing

With braids, we have an incredible opportunity to make our hair stand out. Now, how to make casual hairstyles collected and braided? The first thing to know is the place where you place the braids. If you want to give a simple and Elegant touch to your look, you should only include one or two of a certain thickness on one side of the head and finish with a low collection.

Unkempt hairstyles?

The idea of doing any hairstyle is to make the beauty of our hair astonish from the first moment.

Therefore, it is normal for issues to disfigure your hair as part of the design of a hairstyle. Do not worry! These types of styles it can be easily done at home and supplement it with accessories of their choice, provided they are small. In the end, you will achieve a modern look, elegant easy and you can look at any occasion.

Semi-collected options

In this 2017, braids and half-collected styles are women's favourite choices, whether they have a long, abundant or short hair. Of course, you have to consider what accessories to use, so that you get a nice and delicate result. You can also give yourself the opportunity to create waves and curls in the remaining hair in order to achieve a more striking effect.