#Paris Fashion Week Always lends focus to hot trends and cool favourites. This season was no exception. And on the catwalks, the trend for Macs continues, and for good reason. There is no better wardrobe staple to anchor a woman’s wardrobe than the Mac. It surfaces in some incarnation every fashion week, with most designers. (See #Balenciaga's #Paris show to name one example!)

It truly never goes out of style and is constantly being retooled and refashioned to ingratiate itself to new buyers and to keep it fresh and current. It is the go-to piece for all types of weather and occasions.

It is both fashionable and practical. It is a rainy day friend of course but a great transitional coat during the in-between months.

So, how do you know which one is for you?

However, the original military shape of a Mac definitely does not suit all shapes and in some cases can be terribly unflattering on certain types of figures. What is absolutely essential is having an idea of your shape and then shopping accordingly. By doing so, you can save yourself amazingly stressful trips to and from stores (or to and from the post office should you shop online!) to return those items that looked oh so great on store models but less than fab on you.

Therefore, to best assess your shape at home, you will need to stand in front of a full-length mirror with as little clothing as possible to best see the outline of your body.

You need to really concentrate on seeing the body’s lines. This will tell you if you are, for example, straight up and down (athletic build), fuller around the middle (apple shaped), fuller below the waist (pear-shaped) or more equally proportioned top and bottom but nipped in the middle (hourglass figure). Having that sussed out, you can then easily choose to the Mac that best suits your own particular shape.

If you are an athletic shape, you can go for the classic double breasted style Mac that is full of all the military details that are historically part of a Mac’s design. Straighter body shapes should embrace wider collars and double breasted coats which will lend more shape to athletic built ladies. You can also choose thicker fabrics to create more defined lines as well.

Now, for apple shaped women, try to find looser shapes with less bulky material and avoid belted styles. Simple styling and few embellishments create a streamlined illusion that draws the eye from the midsection or bust area. Single breasted styles can be more flattering for apple shapes as double breasted can make you look wider through the middle than you really are.

Hourglass figures should look for Macs that are fitted and single-breasted to not over-accentuate curves. Choose belted styles for hourglass shapes in order to define the waist. Also, go for thinner fabrics to reduce bulky gatherings around curves which can overemphasise them. Neat and fitted is the key for an hourglass figure.

Lastly, if you are pear shaped, seek out styles that are broader at the shoulder and detailed of the top half to balance wider hips. The key here is to focus on accentuating the top half to create a sense of balance in your figure. And again, look for lighter weight fabrics and slightly flared shapes so they don’t cling to your lower half.

The bottom line is, once you know your shape, finding the perfect Mac can be a breeze (as well as other clothes shopping too). Your Mac will bolster your wardrobe time and again and be that wonderful wardrobe foundation piece you can build on season after season.