Started by Instagram and crowned by KylieJenner, the season of perfect pouts has eclipsed higher than any other Beauty trend could. You can look perfectly groomed by just focusing on one of the most important areas of your face: the lips. Lips are, after all, the doorway to your smile, and your smile is what sets you apart from the rest.

How to use the lipstick bullet

Do you want to cut down on your make-up application time? Ladies, it is time toditch the make-up brush and go commandoand apply straight from the bullet. Although using a lip brush can neaten your lip, there are a couple of ways to perfect the finish look of your lips:

  • Apply in vertical strokes to give yourselfa matte-style finish. This will enable your lipstick to be long lasting and stand the test of time, or at least your lunch.
  • Or try dottingyourlipstick on to your lips, to give a shot of colour. This is ideal if you want to fake big juicy lips or if you want to carefully determine how sheer or opaque you want the finish to be.

Whichever finish you use, remember to layer up the product.

Multiple uses of lip liners

You must use a lip liner. You must, you must, you must. Lip liners create a base that holds onto lipstick even after the consumption of food and drink.Lip liners are also much cheaper to buy and use daily than lip primers.

Using a lip liner instead of a primer will not only cut down on cost but also help to enhance the colour of the lipstick, giving you a full opaque look, which is so trendy right now.

You can also use a lip liner toline your lips and slightly exaggerating what nature gave you. Lining lips may be considered 90's Fashion but it really helps to create a border and stop bleeding of the lipstick.

You can even mix and match lip liners and lipsticks to create lip colours that are unique and new.

Think about it. You get to have fun mixing colours like a mad scientist, but you also get a fresh new lip colour in your beauty bag without spending an extra dime.

With these tips your lips will need an Instagram profile of their own.