Find 10 minutes at the end of your day, or late, late night, to take off make-up and moisturise. Leaving it on overnight blocks your pores, giving you dull skin. The amount of time that you spend putting on make-up, spend just as much taking it all off. Be your own Beauty doctor and let your skin breathe. It's important that skin cells can repair overnight. Think of it this way; if you spend at least 10 minutes cleaning and moisturising your face properly, that'll save you from having to spend thousands in the future on botox and facial peels. Precaution is always better than a cure.

Remember, no amount of make-up can produce a flawless complexion if what's underneath, is rough and disgusting.

Experiment with colour

Have you ever walked into a beauty department store and lusted over the colourful goodies on display? Why not buy and try? Of course you're not going to apply electric blue eye shadow to go to work, but you can change the colour of your nude lipstick to pink. Try matte lips if you usually go for gloss. For day time office colours, go darker and deeper with a wash of navy blue shadow just on your eye socket, paired down with a nude lipstick and subtle matte bronzer. Be the little kid at the candy store who doesn't want to go home unless they've tested everything.

Experiment. Match your eye shadow to your dress. Do red lips with nothing else on. Change up your daily make-up routine. You never know, you may find a new colour that you absolutely love, and one that loves you back.

Ditch the mascara

Mark the date that you open a new mascara on your calendar. After exactly 3 months, bin it.

Every single time you open and close the mascara tube, air gets pumped in and out, ruining the liquid. Every time you use it on your lashes and put it back in the tube, the wand and bristles bread germs. Ew. Think of little termites gnawing away at your lashes just because you refuse to part with your beloved.

Please get rid of your chipped nail polish

Please I beg you.

Someone make it stop. Why somebody chooses to parade around with weeks old nail polish is unbelievable. Make a rule to only have polish on your nails for up-to 7 days. After that, and before applying a new colour, give your nails some TLC. Leave nails unpainted for at least 1 day in between polishes. Nails will be able to breathe and you will be able to deal with cuticles.