Don't use multiple lip balms

A lot of women have lip balms scattered everywhere. I mean everywhere. One in the car, one in the bathroom, one by the bed, one on the make-up table. Just as you use the same face wash and face cream consistently, you should also use the same lip balm. If you keep changing it, it will dry out your lips. The original Vaseline is the king of them all. If you use a cheap and colourful lip balm, remember it is just that. Cheap with colourful packaging. I don't even want to call them lip balms because that's an insult to Vaseline!

These 'lip balms' don't moisturise, they are just greasy. Lip balms are supposed to sink in, the cheap ones don't. They give an effect of moisture but it's actually just grease. Don't bother with tinted lip balms. Lip balms are supposed to moisturise not colour. If you want some colour, try YSL Rouge Volupte Candy lipsticks. Not only do they moisturise but also give a hint of colour for those ladies who don't want a full impact mouth.

Making lipstick last, the easy way!

Fed up of re-applying your lipstick as soon as you step outside the house? Or too lazy to learn the skills of professional makeup artists, and using a lip brush to apply the lipstick? If there's a question, there's an answer!

Dot on lipstick straight from the bullet, and build up at least 3 layers. It might lose its glossiness after eating and drinking, but the layers will make the colour last. When re-applying, just dot on quickly. Expensive make-up artist not needed!

Want Bambi eyelashes and Cara eyebrows?

Multi-tasking Vaseline strikes again!

Rub Vaseline on the area you want hair to grow. You can also use an eyelash brush or even a hair brush to brush your eyebrows, which works as a stimulator. Also don't apply face cream on or around the eyebrow area as this blocks the hair follicle, reducing growth. For Disney princess lashes, gently pat Vaseline on the roots of bare eyelashes.

If you want silky lashes, pat all over the lash.

Lashes continued…

The only mascaras worth buying are the Lancôme Hypnose Classic and YSL Baby Doll. Put on one coat of these delicious mascaras, wriggling from the top to the bottom. Don't worry if it smudges on your face, just use a makeup wipe! Wait about 10 seconds, then brush Tweezerman metal eyelash comb through your lashes to separate. You want spider lashes fawning out, not clumped up hugging each other like they're brothers and sisters. When your mascara is completely dry, use an eyelash curler for 30 seconds at a time, curling the roots. Do 2 sets of 30 seconds of squeezing on each eye. To finish it all, get your mascara and just use it on the very tip of your lashes to set the curl.

Streak free nail polish

No matter how steady your hand, no matter how many layers, nail polish seems to always go on streaky. Use a matte top coat between 2 thin layers of nail polish. Keep your hand that you're painting completely flat on a table. This works especially well for pastel and white polishes.