The Internet was supposed to advance our knowledge. It was supposed to bring together people from different corners of the world. However we have let the internet down. Here are three fun things we use the internet for wasting countless hours of our time.

Listen To Scary Stories On Youtube

Youtube. The cradle of modern civilisation. Giver of funny videos and taker of so much time. We’ve all spent countless hours laughing at the viral video of someone messing up but have you came across the scary videos? If you are brave enough, or crazy enough, start your journey by listening, yes listening, to apparently true horror stories.

With no visual display of blood and scared people it takes a really good story teller to capture your attention and keep you connected the whole time. The best Youtuber is Lazy Masquerade. With stories covering stalkers to paranormal encounters, he provides ‘entertainment’ for all. His wispy voice provides the perfect atmosphere to claw at your imagination. I dare anyone, even grown men, to listen to his stories and go to bed carefree. Lazy Masquerade has carved out a niche audience for himself with nearly 115,000 subscribers. No small feat considering everybody is too busy and restless to listen for the whole duration.

Cruise Through Instagram And Look At All the Expensive Stuff You Can’t Afford

Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. Why do you show such happy people with things I want but will never be able to afford? I thought we were friends Insty. I thought you had my back.

Anything you’ve ever wanted, everything you will never get in real life, you can see it in action on Instagram.

From the rich kids to those who married into wealth, Instagram shows the very glamorous lifestyle of what we all aspire to be. You’re kidding yourself if you actually think you don’t care about materialistic goods. Money doesn’t buy you happiness but I bet you would still rather cry in a Ferrari (congratulations Kylie Jenner on the new addition to your family).

Of course we don’t want to encourage people to be shallow. In fact as you grow older you learn to truly appreciate all that you actually have. Most users on Instagram capture any item that they love, no matter the price. However try as you might you’ll never be able to compete with a 5 course meal by the world’s top chefs with your Tesco meal deal.

Reading Comments On Facebook Posts

There are so many trolls on the internet that will write outrageous comments just to provoke a reaction. I, along with majority of Facebook users, are not trolls. But we are the readers that are responsible for the trolls. We encourage their comments by ‘liking’ anything controversial. We hang around for other people to turn up and start a slinging match. We shouldn’t laugh but some comments are so funny!