Politicians spend most of their life in public services. Well educated about the history andpolitical procedure,Hillary Clinton, Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders have spent their most of their lives in the public sector. Corbyn and Sanders have even been involved in civil rights movements.

The most successful type of politician, is able to stay in government for long periods of time. Past work history ensures that they are trusted by the public to carry out duties. Recently we have seen Politics moving to the right. For example,. many of the British working class switched allegiances from left-wing socialists Labour to right-wing capitalist Conservatives.Poor people don’t want assurances that their minimum wage, worker’s rights, free schooling and healthcare are protected.

Instead, they want to be told that they have an opportunity to become mega-rich as capitalist policies provide opportunities. Apart from well-connected people becoming even richer, the majority of those born into poverty will never be able to work their way up.

Personality politicians

With large egos, they expect you to hang on to their every word. Donald Trump has gotten nearly to the finishing line by igniting hate. Either he doesn’t understand how the world works, or he really does believe everything he says. We have no idea what his policies will be, apart from building-a-HUGE-wall-like-the-great-wall-of-CHINA!

Pakistan’s Imran Khan is a more palatable figure than Trump, but his ‘political career’ only started because of how famous he was as acricketer.

The world’s best cricketer has become a nuisance without plausible strategies, and no distinct stance to set him apart from other Pakistani politicians.

Corrupt politicians

There are corrupt politicians in charge of third world countries wheremoney goes missingbut nobody answers for the heinous crime. Whilst their subjects starve, they amass mass fortunes from shady business deals that were supposed to build up public intuitions, and by taking personal cuts from international aid.

Palestine has been under occupation for the past 7 decades butits leaders from Yasser Arafat, to Mahomed Abbas, to Hamas’ Khaled Mashaal have enjoyed absolute luxury.Arafat, cleverly became a billionaire whilst campaigning for basic freedom for his own people.

Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif and his family rule over Pakistan like a monarchy.

The majority of Pakistanis still cannot afford basic commodities. Even to the middle class Pakistanis , luxury is not 5 star holidays but children’s school fees. The healthcare system provides a depraved service at sky-high prices; bills for serious or long term illness’ completely strip families of all their assets.

Most powerful and cunning politicians

vladimir putin made his friends very rich.His friends are now worth $5 billion to $45 billion; therefore Putin himself must have a fortune of at least $100 billion. A man who can make his friends billionaires must surely be the richest of them all. Reportedly, and secretly, the richest man in the world, Putin rules over Russia like a hawk even when not in power.

During the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev many believed it was actually Putin who controlled the reins.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sold tea in his youth.When he came to power, people made fun of him for being a chai walla (tea seller). A man who goes from selling tea on a roadside stall to governing 1.25 billion people is not to be played with as Pakistan found out recently. After the Uri terrorist attacks, India carried out what Modi called, a ‘surgical-strike’. Without proof and denial from Pakistan , there was popular support for Modi’s action across India. Military action was sexed upby renaming it 'surgical strike,'One can appreciate Modi’s marketing skills; a man of few words, especially when Indian minorities are targeted, is suddenly seen asan all-powerful super-human.