After the Uri attacks, and the so called surgical strikes, which UN stated that it did not find any evidence of taking place, Indians and the Indian right wing media has pushed for a ban Pakistani actors in Bollywood. So many Indians have stated that there are 1.25 billion people in india so Bollywood doesn't need to employ Pakistani actors. Indians have commented that there isn’t a deficiency of talent in India. Absolutely right. There are millions of aspiring actors and entertainers in India who would love a chance in Bollywood. However let us replicate this rhetoric in Hollywood.

There are 320 million people in the United States so that means there is no need for Quantico star Priyanka Chopra? There are millions of good looking girls in the U.S. so there is no need for Deepika Padukone? If Bollywood has no need for Pakistani actors then Hollywood has no need for Chopra, Padukone, Irfan Khan and many other Indians who work behind the scenes.

Pakistani actors are not beggars

You call Pakistani actors beggars because they want to work in Bollywood and make money. If Bollywood really is big, profitable and amazing like you say it is then why is Chopra, Padukone, Khan begging in Hollywood? Why did Amitabh Bachman moan about Hollywood not hiring him? Why did Aamir Khan complain about Lagaan not winning an Oscar?

Why did you complain about Slumdog millionaire not accurately representing the development of India? Isn't Bollywood big enough to show the 'reality' of India to the world? See even Bollywood isn't good enough for you all.

If you want to ban Pakistani actors from Bollywood then that is completely up to you. But if you want to ban Pakistani actors then please also stop copying Pakistani songs and 'reinventing' them, not even giving credit to the original Pakistani composers until legally forced to do so.

If you want to ban Pakistani actors then please stop copying Hollywood movies scene by scene. Please stop remaking South Indian films for the North India cinemas. If you claim to be a creative industry that doesn’t need outside help or talent then at least act like it.

Condemnation should come from all sides

You want Pakistani actors to condemn the Uri attacks.

Absolutely correct. No matter your nationality, ethnicity, wealth, language, if you don't criticise terrorist attacks there is something clearly wrong with you. But dear Indians, did you condemn the lynching of an Indian Muslim man because some villagers accused him of eating beef? Did you condemn the gang rape of an Indian Muslim woman because she may have are beef? You want Pakistani actors to speak out against Terrorism but you didn’t even support Shahrukh Khan when he said he felt unsafe in India because he's a Muslim. Did you condemn your beloved soldiers in Kashmir using rape as a weapon of war? Did you bother to educate yourself about why there has always been unrest in Kashmir? You say Kashmir is part of India and that they are all Indians.

If you can't even stand up for your fellow Indians then why do you expect a Pakistani to stand up for Indians?

You say that Pakistani actors get paid by India, and then they pay tax in Pakistan which is then used by the Pakistani army to kill Indian soldiers by using proxy groups. Let’s not forget you pay tax in India. That money hasn’t been used to build the toilets that 730 million Indians desperately need. Your money is used to buy pellet guns and blind Kashmiris who dare to protest for their freedom. Your money is used to protect every single corrupt politician who gets his opponents and critics killed.

Democracy is inclusive, not exclusive

Your country cannot be called democratic if you start banning actors.

You cannot be a democratic if you hound anyone who even calls for peace between Pakistan and India. Your civil society and media have moved to the right after the election of the BJP. You revel in hatred and paranoia on a grand Bollywood-esque scale, something you accuse Pakistan of doing.