• Looks – Majority of people with low self-confidence normally suffer from a delusion that they look inferior to others. This is one of the worst ways of thinking anyone can have. If you feel happy within yourself then no one can make you feel inferior.
  • Being an introvert – This is a very common issue with people with low self-confidence. Being an introvert means to cut off oneself from the rest of the social world. The best way to get out of this is to try socializing with others without any cause. Sometimes getting noticed makes us nervous, try to come out of that and try to make it a more pleasurable moment. Introverts like to be alone. On the other hand, extroverts are usually happiest when they’re around others. They experience socializing as “recharging” and may feel depleted or down if they don’t have social contact. Enjoy adventures, risks, and novelty. Extroverts enjoy and seek out new experiences.
  • Negative beliefs: Sometimes negative beliefs about oneself are caused by past experiences in life. Workplace bullying or intimidation, abusive relationships, persistent stress or hardship, or traumatic are such examples. Such thoughts and beliefs are like rusted metal which needs to be removed for a new foundation.
  • Reluctance to accept new challenges: Changes are inevitable and are part and parcel of life. Accepting challenges make us stronger and less vulnerable to face new situations in life.
  • No self-opinion – Most people with low self-confidence don’t raise their own opinion because of shyness or cause of fear of being incorrect. If you don’t raise your own opinion then maybe a correct thing which you may know won’t be known to others. It is not always that what we say has to be correct, that’s why there are others to correct us. Having an opinion whether wrong or correct is better than having none.


One needs to understand that criticizing oneself won’t make things great but worse. Treat yourself as you treat others, and most importantly, respect yourself.