Perhaps the criticism over the 'LeBron effect' is really true. If you have the King on your team, there’s always going to be a drama. This was evident again after the New Orleans Pelicans destroyed the Los Angeles Lakers without their main man, Anthony Davis. It was an odd game indeed, but on the same note, it shows that the Lakers and its leader are losing their grip.

Trouble in Laker paradise

Remember the time when LeBron stated to his team that “anytime you fall down, stay down, your brother gonna pick you up”? Well, ironically, it is not happening and the more the Lakers lose, the more they crumble and start pointing fingers.

There’s no excuse regarding the blowout that the New Orleans Pelicans gave them. They were just simply outplayed, outhustled and outworked. LeBron James almost had another triple double, however, it still pains, many analysts and former players to see him jack up outside shots instead of driving the lane.

The Blaming King

LeBron James will go down as one of the greatest players who ever played the game, but he needs to be more aggressive. Julius Randle and Kenrich Williams cannot stop him if he decided to attack more. In an interesting turn of events, instead of “picking up his brothers”, he then again called out his teammates. Some of the media and former players agree, however, the majority disagrees.

That didn’t end there as James continued jabbing to his teammates saying that they “haven’t been there”. So clearly, the multiple MVP is talking about their young guns.

When they are winning some games, especially after the All Star Break, it’s because of “LeBron Playoff Mode Activated”. However, when they lose, it’s because some of his teammates are not doing their job.

Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma have been posting decent numbers and some consider them as future All Stars already. They have plenty of veterans that he handpicked himself, who are battle tested so there’s no excuse regarding that situation.

LeBron's Achilles heel

Instead of embracing his teammates during their struggle, the blaming game is again in place.

If there are two things that the Lakers should fix it would be their defence and their free throws. The King was already called out by FSN’ Chris Broussard and Undisputed’s Skip Bayless regarding its defence. How many times have you seen LeBron miss a shot and instead of going back to play defence, he starts arguing with the referees. And regarding his free throws, that really is his Achilles heel ever since he started playing basketball.