There are only two reasons why players are traded from one team to another. First, the player is no longer valuable to the team or his services are no longer wanted. Second, the player involved simply wanted to be traded. However, in the case of Anthony Davis, if he wanted to be part of the conversation about the greatest power forward to ever play in the NBA, he needs to join a winning team. It is no secret that he has all the talent in the world that is why he has been included in the MVP race for the past 4 seasons.

The lone star of the NBA

Anthony Davis is in the same predicament as Kevin Garnett way back in 2007.

They are both franchise players and they are extremely loyal to their teams. Earlier today on ESPN First Take, Stephen A. Smith stated that Davis should thicken his skin if he really wants to be traded to the Lakers. Unfortunately, Anthony Davis is built differently. We haven't heard any report about him ranting on anything. He just plays hard every night and let his numbers do the talking. Multiple sports analyst have already chimed in on the best landing place for 'The Brow' and this scenario will totally change the landscape of the NBA.

Lakers in pursuit

The Los Angeles Lakers are probably the most surprising team in the league right now. Ever since they've landed LeBron James, the Lakers have been firing all cylinders.

There is a reason why LeBron James is considered an all-time great and his first season with the Lakers is already heading in a positive direction. But even LeBron knows that he needs help in order for the Lakers to return to the promised land. According to Bleacher Report, James and his crew already made a pitched to lure Davis to the Lakers.

The King also commented on that adding that 'The Brow' on any team is considered an upgrade. The only problem is, are the Lakers willing to trade their young guns such as Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball and even Kyle Kuzma to get 'The Brow?'

Danny Ainge and Celtics look to work their magic

Currently, the Celtics have an up and down season, which is understandable due to multiple changes in their roster lineup.

Gordon Hayward is officially back after suffering a horrendous injury and players such as Jaylen Brown, Marcus Morris, especially Terry Rozier is also adjusting with their playing time. Regardless of what other Celtics fans say, Kyrie Irving is still the man in Boston. Yes, Jayson Tatum is exceptional, but based on numbers and clutchness, Irving is still ahead of him. Like his old teammate LeBron, Kyrie knows the value of adding Anthony Davis on the Celtics.

Amongst the games that the Celtics lost this season, 90% of them are due to the inability to rebound and play inside defense. A primary example is when they lost against the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks. The Celtics have defended the three and perimeter shooting perfectly, but they cannot defend the post presence of rookie DeAndre Ayton. Knowing Danny Ainge and his track record, the Celtics might pull another hat trick on their sleeves and the league should be ready when they do it.