The NBA regular season is about to end and some teams including the LeBron-led Los Angeles Lakers are still pushing for a playoff spot. In a must-win game yesterday, the Lakers shocked the offensive juggernaut, Houston Rockets. However, the game was full of controversy, especially when various clips show the Rockets are not getting any calls particularly from chief official, Scott Foster.

LeBron and Lakers playoff push

LeBron James is indeed in playoff mode as he willed the Lakers to victory. The rowdy Staples Center crowd saw why LeBron is considered one of the greatest players who ever played the game.

It also shows the passion that the young nucleus have on their team. Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma both displayed their brilliance chipping in with 27 and 18 points. Another bright spot on the team is the emergence of their new starting point guard, Reggie Bullock. The pride of Kinston, North Carolina didn’t back down against future Hall of Famer Chris Paul as he smothered him throughout the game.

With the win yesterday, the Los Angeles Lakers are only three games behind the final spot of the playoffs. However, they have a tough stretch of games and one loss could dictate their future. This is not a knock against the Lakers, but the numbers are against them. If they will continue to show the same passion and pride as yesterday’s game, then they have a chance to climb up to the 8th spot.

LeBron James can easily turn up the switch, but even Superman can’t do it all.

Rockets against Scott Foster

On the other hand, the Rockets momentum was cut short due to their loss against the Lakers. There’s no secret that the Rockets, more importantly, James Harden has their ways against any team. The reigning Most Valuable Player has been registering historical numbers, but he was taken out early in the game due to foul trouble.

Yes, the same guy who ranks number 1 in the NBA for most free throw attempts was actually puzzled about the officiating. During the first quarter of the game, Harden already committed three personal fouls which were a shocker and even the broadcast team covering the game were bewildered.

After the game, James Harden commented about the poor officiating stating that the game was personal.

In addition, Chris Paul, who is the President of the NBA Players Association has already met with the league officials. For those who aren’t familiar, Scott Foster was once voted by the players and coaches as the worst referee in the league today. Foster’s demeanour is often viewed as rude and arrogant. Hopefully, the league will not check it in favour of any team, but for the greater good of the NBA.