With just eleven matches left, this Premier League has certainly been the most thrilling since 2014, when Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea were fighting for the crown until the last games.

Currently, Tottenham Hotspur is facing a similar prospect as Chelsea in that season, not so close enough to the leaders' but not too far away, six points behind that still give them a chance to keep their dream alive.

And this is mainly because the Reds are not being as relentless as in the first period of the season. In fact, they just managed one time in their last five matches, thus they have been showing clear symptoms of losing their former spark.

Indeed, their strikers are far from being as prolific as they were during the last season.

Control without damage

Even though the Reds had the 63 per cent of possession at Old Trafford, they just managed one shot on target and didn´t create any real chance to win the game.

Inevitably, it is concerning the fitness of key players such as Salah or Mane, and after Firmino had to leave during to an injury, neither Sturridge or Origi had any real impact in the afternoon.

On the other hand, Liverpool defensive record is impressive with just 15 goals conceded, and they have lost just once in the Premier League. Arguably, the two best players of the season at the moment are Van Dijk and Allison, the Brazilian goalkeeper saved his team when he denied Lingaard a good chance to score.

However, the offensive players will have to improve if they want to win their first ever Premier League title, and therefore hoping to avoid the fate they suffered in 2014 when they had it in their hand but failed to lift the trophy.

Manchester City win the Carabao Cup

After losing 6-0 against the Citizens only a couple of weeks ago, Sarri´s plan was clearly to keep behind to counter-attacking.

Thus, Hazard led much of his team out of danger but eventually, no one could break the score and the final had to be decided in penalties.

Kepa Arrizabalaga, who refused to be substituted before the end and therefore disobeying his manager's orders in one of the weirdest scenes never seen in English football save a penalty, same as Ederson did moments before.

Decisively, David Luiz, who had recently scored the winner against Tottenham Hotspur and also in the Champions League final of 2012, hit the post. Then, Raheem Sterling, the only English player to take part on the shoot-out, scored perfectly to give Guardiola another title.