Strikers Incredible Performance

Egyptian superstar Mohamed Salah has been everyone’s eye candy this year due to his spectacular performance for his club Liverpool. He thrived to score 21 Premier League goals in 25 appearances and 28 goals in all 34 games for Liverpool. His incredible performance assisted Liverpool to lock third position in the league table and if continued, they might leave behind Manchester United to secure the second position.

Strong contender For the Golden Boot

He is also a sturdy contender for the Golden Boot Award alongside Kane.

Mohamed Salah indicated on his exceptional performance that he has always succeeded to score goals wherever he was playing and but this year at Liverpool was different and is certainly not a surprise for him.

He further stated that due to Kane’s position on the field it is easier for him to score goals but he (Mohamed Salah) is trying out his best to achieve more and win(the golden boot).

Mohamed Salah aged 25 joined the Liverpool club last summer and within one year marked his name as one of the top players in the English premier league due to his outstanding performance.

Real Madrid’s Interest in Salah

All the Liverpool fans are highly concerned that Mohamed Salah will be approached by the Spanish club Real Madrid due to his stellar performance and according to the sources Mohamed Salah is alleged to be in talks with Spanish Club real Madrid and scheduling out a move according to Spanish newspapers.

When investigated he modestly indicated that he is exclusively aiming on his game with Liverpool right now and he cannot say much about the transfer because right now he is just contented and happy to be here and will be here until the end of the season.

Salah when he was in Chelsea only made 13 appearances in the premier league and later was sold by Jose Mourinho.

Not an easy target

According to Phil Blab, previous Liverpool defender, the Spanish Club had to make at minimum 100 M bid in order to get Salah as he is a star and international icon now. He further added that the Real Madrid is going to monitor Salah for the whole season and the world cup and if he continued to perform like this then we might witness the biggest and the heaviest move of the history in the summer transfer window.

So the Liverpool fans can be calmed for now but must keep their fingers crossed as the Spanish giants keep their eyes on the heaviest and the iconic players around.

Whats Next

Salah and Liverpool are all set to be seen in action when they will face Southampton at St Mary's on Sunday 11th February 2018.