Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata has already set his eyes on Future prospects once he retires from football.

Juan Mata is eager to pass on his football knowledge to the coming generation

The Spanish star has revealed that he wants to pass on his experience on to next generation after he retires from football. However, Mata still has plenty of football left in him and is looking to a bright future. The Spaniard also revealed that he hopes to keep his feet on the pitch until the age of 40.

During an interview with the Spanish magazine, Panenka, the Manchester United midfielder claimed that he hopes to play until the age of 40, only if his body allows him to do so.

Mata claimed that the role of a manager is somewhat an unforgiving one. His job totally depends on how a player takes a corner and how well he performs in front of the goal post. However, what influence does a manager really have for all of this to happen?

Juan Mata also revealed that his personal interest lies with psychology. He said that the mental aspect is very important in football as well because if the mind isn’t settled, the feet don’t work either.

Mata plans to move into management, but not for another 11 years

As the world cup winner with Spain in 2010 and a proven midfielder at the highest levels such as at Manchester United and Chelsea, Juan Mata has a lot to offer and an enormous amount of knowledge of football to pass on to the next generation.

He is confident of doing that at some point in his future, as coaching holds plenty of appeal. However, Juan Mata is not planning to hang up his boots anytime soon and plans to join the ranks of Ryan Giggs by prolonging his football career for another impressive eleven years.

Mata also claimed that he has a high interest in working with youngsters, to warn them about the perils and to remind them of their responsibilities whenever needed.

Juan Mata has also been lucky enough to have worked with some of the finest coaches in the history of football. These coaches include Ronald Koeman, André Villas-Boas, Roberto Di Matteo, Rafael Benítez and finally the current boss Jose Mourinho, best in the business.

For now, though, his focus remains locked on events at Old Trafford and United’s ongoing efforts in 2017-18.

He is in a position to put all other distractions to one side, with the issue of his immediate future having already been resolved with the triggering of a one-year extension to his contract.