The Gunners have come up with another bizarre third Kit. The 2017/18 third kit of Arsenal was mainly grey/black and featured vibrant pink details which was officially revealed at an event in Australia. The fans loved the kit. This year, however, the expected colour of the third kit is very unusual and has been never seen before.

Colours officially called Biscay Green and Peacot

According to the rumours, the so-called ‘fresh colour combination’ will be of turquoise as the main colour with navy applications. is confident the colour they have revealed is the actual one.

The website is usually known to be a reliable source.

Fans seem to be disappointed with this choice and can be seen bashing it on social media ”Were all the top four colours taken? Now they are stuck with the sixth choice” says a fan.

Last Arsenal kit by Puma

2018-19 kit is most likely to be the last Arsenal kit made by Puma as Adidas is said to be taking over next season.

The first time Adidas became a manufacturer of the kits of the gunner was back in 1986, taking over Umbro. It had three stripes contrasting with one another. They came up with their infamous kits called “Bruised banana” in 1991 which made people furious. In 2014, Puma was given the opportunity to design the kits of the Gunners for the first time.

Their third kit had two shades of blue, light and dark. The brand is without a doubt making a mistake with their choice of the third kit this year. The home shirts of the Gunners are pretty much the same every year but the team has a reputation for coming up with dramatic away kits and this year is no exception. Coming up with harsh designs does not always work.

“I have been hoping they’d go back to green for a while now. Not sick green though. All kinds of awful” replied a fan on Twitter.

The news sources are coming up with phrases like ‘truly awful’ and ‘worst Arsenal kit’ of all the time and we think no different. The design of the kit seems to be based on new evoKNIT 2018 World Cup jersey template of Puma.

The Arsenal fans will have to wait until at least summer to find out if this is true. They are hoping it is not and even if it is, the team will realise it is a mistake and come up with a better design. Fingers crossed!

Other than all the drama with the future third kit of the Gunners, the team has been getting ready for a clash at Wembley against the English club, Tottenham. So far, Gunners are at the sixth position in the Premier League with Tottenham at fifth, leading with four points and twelve matches yet to be played.