After losing the qualification against Sevilla in the last gasp of the match, Liverpool was looking to cheer up their supporters at Anfield Road. Even though they got the lead thanks to Salah, eventually Willian earned a draw for his team.

In the end, perhaps it was the fairest of results, after an interesting match that showed two teams with too many variants when attacking. However, both of them need to improve defensively if they want to reach their objectives.

And considering that #Manchester City seems intractable in the #Premier League, probably going through the last stages of the Champions League might be a nice aspiration for those squads.

Firstly, they will fight for the first spot of their groups in the last match of the stage. Despite this, Liverpool could even be eliminated if Spartak Moscow is capable of a defeat in Anfield. Then probably both of them will go through as leaders, most likely facing a weaker opposition in the second round.

Salah's revenge against his former club

The Egyptian became known among the London supporters after a wonderful performance in Stamford Bridge. Nevertheless, he was wearing the shirt of Basel, and he was clearly the best player of the match. In fact, the Swiss team won 1-2 in one of the most shocking results in the recent years at the Chelsea Stadium.

After all, he scored the goal in the second leg to win again against Mourinho' squad.

Those games were essential to take him for the 'blues', but he did not make a great impact on the English team.

For that reason, he was sent on loan to Fiorentina, and then, he went to Rome, where he was really outstanding.

Therefore, it wasn´t a surprise the interest from Liverpool in taking him back to the Premier League - though, the price seemed excessive.

Consequently, he has become the most expensive player in the history of the Merseyside's team.

Having scored ten times in the Premier League and leading the top-scoring table, few may argue the importance of Salah for Liverpool.

Yesterday, he gave the momentary victory for his team, but he didn´t celebrate the goal. According to information from the Liverpool Echo, he was showing a tribute to the victims that died in his country, after the attacks on the mosque.

United earns a narrow win and Kane rescues Tottenham

Coming from a defeat in the Champions League, Mourinho's team won against Brighton thanks to an own goal. Meanwhile, Tottenham supporters were disappointed with a draw when they faced West Brom.

Kane scored again and following an excellent performance in Germany, Pochettino' squad will be satisfied with the level they have been showing during this season.

Today, those four teams will hope that Manchester City doesn't take the three points on his trip to Huddersfield, although the Guardiola' squad seems unstoppable right now.