Ahead of the pack

Tottenham striker, Harry Kane, will be looking to clinch the Premier League golden boot on Sunday after moving 2 goals ahead of Romelu Lukakau thanks to a 4 goal haul against Leicester in midweek.

He leapfrogged Lukaku moving to 26 goals in another impressive Tottenham display as they dismantled their opposition 6-1.

It has, no doubt, been another step forward in Kane’s career this season and pundits are now asking whether he can match Alan Shearer’s record of 260 Premier League goals.

He may wear the number 10 by he plays a modern number 9.

His goal record speaks for its self, but how do the rest of his stats break down? Let’s have a look.

Minutes per goal

He effectively leads the way in this category, certainly for regular appearance makers in the league.

On average Kane nets a goal every 94.3 minutes, not short of one a game especially when you throw in some stoppage time. His 26 goals have in fact come in 29 games. The nearest ranked player who has decent playing time is a certain Sergio Aguero who only has a goal every 129.6 minutes of football.

Two players do have better minutes per goal records. One of which is Chelsea’s instant hero Batshuayi, who scored the goal that secured the league title for the Blues. He may be celebrating but has only grabbed a total of 3 goals this season.

Kane is doing it week in, week out.

Shots on target

The Tottenham ace is deadly, more so than anyone else. He gets a staggering 65% of shots on target. No other player can match this record over the season, only goal scoring rival Lukaku can get close with 63% of shots on target.

Kane makes the opposition goalkeeper work, and work hard.

Shots total

He’s not afraid to shoot either taking a total 85 Shots On Goal. If you are quick at maths you will know that 55 have been on target and nearly 30% of them are scored.

Lukaku has been chasing hard in this category too, taking 81 shots on goal.

Aguero, Sigurdsson and Benteke all take more shots than Kane but as we know they don’t hit the target as regularly.

Make ‘em count.

Shots outside the box

He’s a modern number 9 that does more than poaching goals. He can cause problems from anywhere and is not shy of running the show.

He has a pop from outside the box more often than the other top goal scorers; taking 1.4 shots on average from outside the area per match.

Alexis Sanchez is happy to do the work for Arsenal with an average of 1.3 but Lukaku doesn’t stray far from goal with a 0.8 average.

Have a go son.


He is not selfish, happy to work with his teammates providing a handy 7 assists. Sanchez beats him in this category but 7 is not bad when compared to Eden Hazard’s 5 assists.

His assist record does make him indispensable as he has been involved in the most goals by any player in the league.

His 33 goal involvement accounts for a whopping 45% of all the Spurs’ goals this season.

Defoe is the man ahead in providing for his team, way ahead of anyone with 61% goal involvement for Sunderland.

England duo?

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