Over the weekend, the impressive wins of Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester City and the defeats of The Gunners and Manchester United have re-shaped the positions in the table.

The current situation of the League Table shows Manchester City on the first, Manchester United on the second, Liverpool on third and Tottenham on the fourth.

Current top four teams and their points


The Manchester City holds the obvious first position with sixteen points while the other three teams are behind than their prior by two points.

Manchester City beat Leicester with 5-1 and according to the team's boss, Sergio Aguero "deserves all the credit". Manchester United, on the other hand, faced defeat as they were unable to score against Newcastle.They lost with 1-0. Rafael Benítez’s win was ‘a beautiful thing’, says José Mourinho.

Neville stated that after the obvious first position Manchester United is most likely to be on second place, Liverpool on the third and Tottenham at fourth as his favoured choice.

Arsenal "are out of it" according to Phil Neville

After the defeat of the gunners against Tottenham on Saturday, 1-0, Phil Neville does not think that they will be able to to make it to the top four.

In fourth position it would be either of Tottenham or Chelsea.

He thinks Tottenham has got the "quality" and are a "settled team" with a good system and a great manager. Chelsea will have "to fight the hardest" to be in top four. Chelsea will get a chance on Monday against West Brom to move a point above Spurs (currently on fourth place).

So far, this season's league table looks quite different than last season's where Chelsea scored first position, Tottenham was on second place, Manchester City on third and Liverpool on Fourth.

Manchester United could not make it to the top four and was on sixth, just below Arsenal.

In the last game against Tottenham, which was lost by The Gunners, Most of the fans on social media can be seen blaming Wenger. Which is due to the fact Lacazette wasn’t able to score and missed both the chances. According to fans, it is Wenger's fault since Lacazette has only played full-time in seven out of twenty-six times. This is preventing him from getting a good run. Rio Ferdinand thinks that lacazette needs to stand up and tell Wenger that he is there “to fight” and is worth his weight in gold.