The Mário Filho Stadium, better known as Maracanã, one of the largest and best known in the world, is in a sad situation. Completely abandoned by Rio de Janeiro State since the Brazilian Football Championship ended in December Is with its rusty gates, shattered roof, no electricity and lots of rubbish around and inside. The field its not in condition to use and two days ago the stadium was looted and the statue of the journalist Mário Filho was stolen along with two Plasma TV's. Because there is no policing in the area, as well as no lighting, homeless are living around and tourists are avoiding the place.

The eyes can not believe what they see. Until another day, it was one of the most modern stadiums and had its budget estimated at 1 billion and 300 thousand Brazilian Reais for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and a new renovation was made for the Olympic Games that happened six months ago.

A pride is born

The stadium was built in Rio de Janeiro for the 1950 World Cup and bears the name of the journalist Mário Filho, who at the time was one of the greatest supporters of the construction of it. It was the scene of great games and moments, as well as Uruguay's victory over Brazil that same year. Such as the thousandth goal of King Pele, Brazil's football team victory in the last Olympics and Germany's victory over Argentina in the last cup.

Eyes shut

There is a fight between the 2016 Olympic Committee - which managed the stadium during the Olympics - and the Maracana Concessionary S.A., controlled by Odebrecth and AEG constructors. The latter alleges that it will not assume responsibility until the Committee makes the necessary repairs in impaired areas during the Olympics and Paralympics.

The Committee has millions of debts and the State of Rio de Janeiro closes its eyes. Meanwhile, one of the proud of Brazil, is becoming rubbish.

Abandoned Brazil

The Maracanã, affectionately called Maraca and beloved by all football fans, is one of the most visited stadiums in the world and, without a doubt, one of the most important tourist spots in Rio and Brazil. A disregard and a lack of respect that clearly portrays the abandonment of the city and the country.