The result came out "cheap" for Chelsea. Arsenal could have done much more, even though they played as they should have played the whole season. They entered the pitch knowing the only accetable result was the title. And so they did it. Full Wembley, beautiful sunny Saturday in London. It couldn't be better for Gunners supporters and all football fans who were present.

A title in the end

If Arsenal missed Premier League chance this season - there was no one who could get that title from Blues - the Gunners showed strength and were not yet desisted from a trophy.

They finished in 5th place in the League losing the position in the next Uefa Champions League. So, winning the FA Cup was more than an obligation, it made moral sense. The victory came as a reward for all the hard work and also an extra smile to its fans. Well deserved. Chelsea may have been dissapointed, it would have been an incredible victory for Conte and his guys after such a sensational season. Diego Costa, as usual, did his part as well as the whole team. However, no one was expecting Sanchez in attack, as well as Ramsey who scored at 79' raising the morale of Arsenal and securing the third FA Cup title in four years.

Wenger's turnaround

Wenger turned around. It shows that there is still experience to divide and that, in all these years, he was the great guy of the Gunners.

Problems, ups and downs, all of them faced once in a while. Jose Mourinho, for example, had a wrecked last season on Chelsea. Already this year he managed to raise United morale. Pepe Guardiola was not the biggest winner in Bayern, as he was in Barcelona. Each year belongs to each one, but you cannot ignore the good deeds of the past and the importance of these legends for their clubs, and for football.

Whether this victory will keep him at work is a question that only he and the club can answer. Meanwhile, a flame of hope lights up in the Wenger and Gunners relationship. He is definitely proud of his team and of the job he has done.

Arsenal Man's

Ozil who has had a bad season did a great job along with Sanchez and Welbeck.

They kept Chelsea on defense most of the time. They were inspired, and perhaps just realised that it was a now or never chance to give Arsenal fans and the club another title and not finish the season empty-handed.

Next step

Arsenal may not have had a good time this year but its a great and powerfull team. Loosing the FA CUP would have been a big loss for Wenger and the players. They woke up at the right moment. Now, with summer transfers open, it's time to think about the next step. A few players are in the sights of other clubs but Emirates should do its best to hold them for next League Season and guaranteed better results.