Sweden and Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic thinks that he has already proved his skills in the Premier League. His team, Red Revils are currently at the 6th position in the Premier League table, but former Paris Saint-Germain star insist that winning the title is not the most important thing for him individual, as he feels he has already showed his doubters that he is the best player in the English Premier League.

The Swedish striker has joined one of the best clubs in the Premier League, Manchester United during last summer transfer window for free and has already scored eighteen goals in all competition for Jose Mourinho’s side.

There were no doubts that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the best strikers on the planet, but many Football experts thought that he is to old to make the difference in the Premier League. The 35-year old footballer, who played for such a big clubs like Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Inter Mediolan, Juventus and FC Barcelona told the club’s side that his aim is to win Premier League with Red Devils.

'I conquered England - it took three months'

‘I want to win the Premier League with my team, it’s my main aim, but the individual things come as a bonus for every player. Everyone want to score the biggest amount of goals. If the whole team is playing well, then individuals will do well too and you can see it when you look at our team.’ – Zlatan said.

‘I do my best to help the team – scoring goals, playing good and creating plays for my teammates. I know I’m very good at it and it helps my team to achieve victories. The same thing is with other players, they help me to score goals. I don’t need to prove anyone, because I think I already did it. I conquered England and it took me only three months’ – the Swedish striker added.

Can United win Premier League?

Manchester United is currently at the sixth position in the the title race, but Jose Mourinho is sure, that the second part of the season will be better for his side. Red Devils are ten points behind the leaders but they are in the great form.