They knew that three points was all they needed to be Champions. And thanks to Batshuayi who scored at 82', Chelsea consecrated champion of the Premier League season 16/17 for the fifth time- twice in three years- with a round in advance. They celebrated and deservedly won the title. After the deception of last season, the Blues showed this season how great they are and how they were reborn like a Fenix.

Conte's treasure

The Italian coach Antonio Conte arrived at Stamford with an obligation: win or win. Perhaps more than that, make the team be believable once again.

Chelsea have an array of good players such as Costa, Hazard, Terry and David Luiz, and as a result it wouldn't be difficult to make it work. But good players do not necessarily make a good team. Conte brought his Italian techniques and gave power and 'velocity' to the Blues. Once they accepted the changes, the rest was easy. Diego Costa played like a hurricane this season. He was, definitely, the man of Stamford Bridge. For many rounds he decided the game giving the victory to Chelsea and helping his team to be on top. David Luiz did his best since coming back to Chelsea and, this season, he proved that the world cup misery are all behind him. He is a player of a National Team level. He is as big as Chelsea.

More to come

The more they were win the more exciting Premier League was getting. All teams chasing Blues watched them go further and further away. After half time of the season it was right the trophy would come to Stamford. And very well deserved. On Monday night they will play against Watford at home and it will be all fun.

Celebrations are all very welcome but Chelsea cannot forget about what is coming next. The Blues will face Totteham in FA Cup final, at Wembley on May 27. Another title might be on their way. And of course not to mention next year and the Champions League. All this good job made Chelsea even more popular and his compounds more on the spots.

Diego had a huge proposal from China and said no. Conte is on the sight of Inter Milan and Hazard was mentioned in Real Madrid.

Liverpool challenge

Only one game left and the Reds needs to win to be guaranteed fourth place and champions league football next season. Besides playing away home Reds felt very confortable and scored four goals agains West Ham- Coutinho scored twice-at Olympic Stadium in London. The team played well, confident and the boss Klopp was satisfied at the end. Wondering why they did not play like this everytime? Good question. Liverpool is a team full of potential and strength as well as good players. However, the emotional, many times just come up during the game and Reds seems not to be 'there' anymore.

So, it's common to see Liverpool having draws especially against the "smaller" teams. Whatever it is, when it comes to decide everyone knows Reds are able to do it. So it's happened today against West Ham. The third goal was much claimed by the visitors. There was a move on Liverpool area where West Ham player seemed to have had a penalty. Referee said nothing happened and continued the move which led to the visitors third goal. It was a great game for fans and players. Reds play against Middlesbrough next Sunday at Anfield and must win to keep it's position.

Race still on

Race is now for the fourth place with Liverpool, Arsenal and City all competing for third and fourth spot. On Saturday City won over Leicester after a dramatic game, Arsenal won over Stoke and on Sunday United lost to Spurs. It will be exciting for sure the climax.