If one thing is for sure is that the time is flowing faster than we might want to. And this fact is so obvious during the winter holidays while most of us are sitting on a couch or something similar contemplating at the year which is about to end. Indeed, another year goes by and while resting following a long exhausting family session due to Christmas people use to make a summary of the year consisting from their personal achievements, accomplishments, unfulfilled dreams and perhaps what marked the world during the past 12 months.

Back in 2013, on this very day of 29th, the scenario was pretty much the same, after an exhausting Christmas people were about to step into a new year.

Then, a news report occurred and for some, it was rather disruptive. Michael Schumacher, the best Formula 1 pilot in history, was the victim of an accident in the French Alps while skiing.

Schumacher's accident became a sensitive subject

Judging by his long-cultivated celebrity, what came up next was something to expect at. Following his accident, all major media publications rushed towards the gates of a healthcare facility in Grenoble, France where he was initially submitted.

For Schumacher's family, the matter of privacy seemed a sensitive subject and they refused to feed up the media with further information. In the past 3 years, the updates regarding Michael Schumacher's well-being were rather short.

The few pieces of information breaking through the barrier shows that Schumacher is still unable to walk using his forces only.

The future is uncertain

While his life seems outside of the danger, the questions regarding the quality of it are still floating around, unfortunately with no one willing to answer. It is the way Schumacher's family decided to go with and whether is the right one or not, it must be respected.

Of course, there are people, avid fans eager to know more about the matter but the issue is out of their hands.

Michael Schumacher, a winner of 7 World Titles in Formula 1, had an instrumental role in raising the popularity of this sport in the 90s and early 2000s.