As we reach the halfway point of the Premier League season, many storylines have the ability to become reality in the second half of the season. Chelsea’s incredible run of winning matches shows no sign of stopping. They could very easily break the record of 13 matches against Stoke to close out 2016 in the best possible manner. Teams behind them are all embroiled in a battle to finish in the Top 4, while Sunderland, Swansea and Hull will hope they can escape the relegation zone come May. However, the last day of the year sees two of the most exciting teams in the Premier League, if not world football, play against each other.

Can they give us the spectacle we hope for?

Liverpool can keep the title race alive with win

It would be a massive understatement to say Liverpool have been entertaining this season. They have been infectious for the neutrals, even the fans of rival clubs will admire the football played by Liverpool. Jürgen Klopp has enabled his players to play with a sense of freedom that has been experienced by very few teams. Almost no fear is evident in the style of football and credit for that must be given to the charismatic German. Even in the defeat to Bournemouth, which was a sensational game, Klopp’s post match interview was endearing, where he accepted the cruel hand dealt to him. This game will be a massive test for his side, but we can be sure that the players will understand the importance of a good result.

They must keep up with Chelsea to make the league exciting, but more than that, they must show that they are a formidable side against the best once again.

Manchester City can continue their good run

While their shock loss to the champions made everyone doubt Pep Guardiola’s credentials, the last three games have steadied the ship and renewed confidence.

The victory against Arsenal was crucial and it has almost been characteristic of their season so far. When they are firing, few teams in the league can live with them. But there are still moments where the side from the Etihad struggle. While this does raise doubts. Guardiola must be given time to develop his side. This team is far different to what he has inherited before.

He had champion sides that he needed to manage an become better players. While he will still try to make his side better players, he has to make his side into champions. This must be given time and by his track record, he will get it right sooner rather than later.

The tactical battle will be fascinating

As rightly pointed out by Klopp in his press conference, the record between the managers will hold little significance on Saturday. While Guardiola holds a superior record, Jürgen has had more time with his squad and has arguably developed a deeper bond with his players. The styles of play from both teams are very easy on the eye but having so much talent also has its problems. How do you fit the talent to beat the opponent?

That has probably been one of the main things both of these world class managers have struggled with in their time in England. As time has progressed, they are getting better at developing their teams and fans all around the world will hope we will see the best of both on Saturday. Regardless of the result, this is a match not to be missed.