Kyrie Irving emerged as the NO.1 Pick in the NBA draft back in 2011. He almost instantly made an impact for one of the worst teams in the league. This, of course, was just after the almost unmendable wound the fans of Cleveland suffered from the infamous "Decision", made by Lebron James.

What doesn't kill you

The depression that the Cleveland fans faced due to the loss of a Top 10 all time player was not alleviated for a while. However, Kyrie did offer a lot of excitement for the team, ending off the 2011-12 season as the Rookie of the Year. He only beat a class that included Kawhi Leonard and other no names such as Isaiah Thomas, Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson, all jokes aside this was no easy feat.

Without LeBron joining the Heat, Kyrie would never have landed in Cleveland - blessing maybe?

Uncle Drew dropping fools

As Kyrie continued to grow he left us with plenty of memorable moments, the most notable perhaps being the destruction of Brandon Knight's ankles on All-Star Weekend. Along with his Uncle Drew adverts, he became known as an ankle bully and a star with good humour. He was soon recognised as one of the most clutch players in the league. His team still stunk however so it didn't matter much. Until of course...

Uh Oh Daddy's home

Suddenly Kyrie being the man was over, the prodigal son had returned. Kyrie could have been overshadowed as the Robin to LeBatman James. That or there could be a battle for supremacy, and in the 1st year, it seemed like the narrative was coming to fruition.

LeBron and Kyrie butted heads and reports claimed that Kyrie was unhappy being 2nd fiddle to "The King." There was even speculation that Kyrie would leave Cleveland to go be the man elsewhere.

Cleveland's curse continues

Kyrie and Kevin Love went down during the Playoffs of 2015, which left Lebron with a very depleted roster to face a young and hungry Golden State team, who as we all know defeated the Cavs for the title.

Whilst no one could blame Cleveland and Lebron for the loss, it seemed as though the curse could not be lifted for any Cleveland fan. Heat fans must have loved it.

Believeland rises from the ashes

So roll on the 2015-2016 season. Lebron was once again being questioned, dubbed as a declining superstar. Kyrie became known as one of the most selfish and unsophisticated point guards in the league.

As the season went on the team began to co-exist well yet they still had no answer for Golden State.

The team did begin to show flashes of their max potential and the Kyrie/LeBron dynamic began to evolve. Kyrie became the team's closer and the Shooting Guard in all but title, whilst Lebron finally assumed his natural position as an ultra-athletic Magic Johnson, Kevin Love on a good day even demonstrated that the Cavs truly did have a big three.

The shot.

I won't get into all of the amazing moments of last years playoffs but instead fast forward to the final quarter of the final match in the finals. Lebron James, 4x MVP and Steph Curry a 2x MVP had missed shot after shot in the most important game of their careers, in fact until the last minute a basket hadn't been scored in several minutes.

So who would be the hero? Kyrie of course, who hit the game-winning shot and became the Warriors Bane. The rest is championship history.

The point

So after a massive history lesson we come to the conclusion. Kyrie currently averages 3.5 rpg 24 ppg, and 6.0 apg and shoots 48.1% from the field which is an improvement on all his career averages. He hit the clutchest shot in recent NBA memory, twice! One in the finals rematch on Christmas Day. Has become the closer on a Championship team, and is continuing to improve even now.

As Steph Curry continues to disappoint this season and Chris Paul remains stuck on the Clippers (enough said), it does beg the question. Is he the best PG in the league? Westbrook is his only competition as top PG this year.

Kobe's mentorship and mentality, is only 24, and a Champion? I am just saying...