"Teen Mom 2" fans heard that on Wednesday, just ahead of the July 4 celebrations, that the judge dismissed the custody case of Jenelle Evans and David Eason. Jenelle, thrilled at the unexpected outcome, took to her Instagram to share the happy news. She also released a statement. However, in the wake of that, she faces a barrage of hate on her social media.

Jenelle's lawyer and a new judge swung it for 'Teen Mom 2' alum

Champion Daily reported that Jenelle gave them a statement after the judge overturned the custody case on the kids. To recap slightly, most MTV fans know by now, that David Eason allegedly beat and shot their dog Nugget.

Allegedly, the kids witnessed it. Child Protection Services got onto it and the kids were removed. Little Ensley ended up with Jace who lives with Barbs, Jenelle's mom. Barbara has custody of Jace, with Jenelle previously getting visitation rights. Son Kaiser, went to his father Nathan and David's daughter Maryssa ended up in the care of family as well.

Since then, the ongoing court case meant that Jenelle and David could only see the kids at the court under supervision. However, the court allowed Jenelle and David to attend Kaiser's birthday party at Nathan's mom's home recently. Back then, fans poured a lot of hate on Barbara, thinking she "invited" David Eason. But that's nothing like the hate Jenelle's getting since her lawyer and the evidence presented to the judge swung it in favor of the "Teen Mom" alum.

Hate rages on social media over the judge's decision about Jenelle's kids

The hate that pours out on Jenelle's Instagram is far worse than usual. Those fans who try and defend Jenelle get turned on and savaged as well. So, although she posted it up in celebration, "Teen Mom 2" fans and critics mostly seem furious with the judge's decision.

Jenelle took to her Twitter to say that she's "crying with joy." Plus she mentioned that she "hates twitter." But, Twitter haters were not actually as bad as those over on her Instagram.

Trolling and hate on social media shows that although none of them were in court, they think they know better than an experienced judge. Trollers and haters believe that they know the children are in great danger, even though the evidence produced did not meet the legal requirements of the charges against the Easons.

Many "Teen Mom 2" fans complain the judge "failed the system." They use the 911 calls by Jenelle as proof that her children should be taken away forever.

The judge made a decision, ranting won't change that

Haters and critics might try and ruin Jenelle's moment but at the end of the day, the judge made a legal decision. If Jenelle wants to stay happy, she should perhaps, just stay off social media for a while. The barrage of hate's ugly and depressing to read for fans of Jenelle Evans. People.com reported that Jenelle said, “I am ecstatic to regain custody of my kids back!” If she reads her Instagram comments, that ecstasy's not likely to last for very long.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans and David Eason getting back custody rights as the judge dismissed in their favor?

Do you think the judge probably knows more about the allegations than those people who never met Jenelle?

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