'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" screened episode 13 of season 4. If you have not seen it yet, then note there are spoilers in this article. During the show, we saw Nicole call up Azan and ask him if he wants to marry her and would he like her to come to Morocco. Azan sounds very underwhelmed but says "yeah." So, she booked her ticket and her mom got upset. Speaking to her about supporting themselves, Nicole says Azan "says he’s been doing some fishing stuff. I don’t know.” However, fans of the TLC show can't help but think Nicole misunderstood 'catfishing.'

Social media sees '90 Day Fiance' fans jump to instant 'catfishing' conclusion

On Twitter and multiple times on Reddit, people came to the conclusion that Nicole completely misunderstood the word "fishing." On Twitter, one fan said, "When Nicole said Azan was fishing, all I thought of was, yeah catfishing!

Call Nev! #catfish #90DayFiance." Another noted, "I am DYING Azan ...is fishing & spending Nicole’s money every day & canceling trips when she tries to see him. The finesse GAWD!!!! Haitian Abby would be proud!"

Meanwhile, on Reddit, one fan referred to Azan's "fishing" as "phishing." Another agreed, noting, "I came here to post the same. Phishing 100% believable!!!" Meanwhile, another commented, "I legitimately believe this. It would make so much sense. That’s probably how they met. She responded to one of his emails and sent him money and he decided to see how far it can go. Hence why she called him her “Arabian Prince” the first time they met." Another agreed, saying, "I was screaming, “CATFISHING!

CATFISH!” Over and over at my tv when this scene was on."

Azan's not overwhelmed with happiness when Nicole books an air ticket

In the episode, fans of "90 Day Fiance" found out that using some money and a portion of the refunded Granada ticket, Nicole decided to book an air ticket to Morocco.

Calling Azan up, she asks him, "Are you ready to get married?" Azan sounds underwhelmed and goes, Yeah, like yeah." Anyway, Nicole quickly hunts down an air ticket for in a "couple of weeks." She tells her daughter May who gets all excited at Nicole's prompting. Then she calls up Azan, and yet another tepid response came from him.

This time, she says, "Guess what? I just bought our tickets." There's a beat or two of silence from Azan. So Nicole gets her daughter May to jump up and down yelling "I got my ticket." Then Azan says "yeah, yeah, I can't believe that you bought your ticket." She's trying to tell him she's "really excited," but Azan cuts her off, going. "That's really cool." Anyway, he feels that "the house has been empty without [Nicole] and May." But when she asks "are you ready to get married?" he like answers "yeah." Look, this guy's not dancing on the ceiling with joy. It's evident to "90 Day Fiance" fans there's a lot of non-eventing going on.

'90 Day' fans can't get over Nicole

Fans grow to frustrated with Nicole.

After all, this never-happening marriage's been going on for years. One Tweet said, "Nicole makes me wanna throw my shoe at my damn tv.." Another comment was:

What do you think about Nicole talking about Azan's "fishing?" Do you think fans are right and this all came about through "catfishing?" Does Azan sound like the last thing he wanted was for Nicole to rush back to Morocco?

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