'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" season 4 brings the return of Azan and Nicole. Fans of the show joking call their relationship the "90 Year Fiance" as they've been in the "90 Day" franchise for so long. TLC's spinoff show and the original featured the couple so often fans grow irritated and weary of the never-ending non-marriage. However, now it looks like the current series won't end happily, at least in the show. Actually, Nicole took to her Instagram Stories on 15th of May and spoiled that she will go and marry Azan in Morocco.

Q&A by Nicole on Instagram shows how long-running they've been

In a Q&A on Instagram, Nicole noted that their relationship and appearance on the show's so long-running because of visas. She said, "We were the first couple of 90 Day that didn't meet in person yet and haven't applied for the K1 before getting on the show. "She adds that these days, Moroccans experience problems trying to get into the country. Actually, it's well known that couple 's really tired of the show so this may be the last time we see them on the series.

TV Shows Ace noted at the end of April about another Q& A that Nicole did for "90 Day Fiance: Happily After?" fans. They wrote, "In her Q&A on her Instagram Stories, Nicole expressed being tired of the show.

However, it seems from social media feedback, she’s not alone. Fans seem thoroughly sick and tired of seeing them as well. After all, since Season 4 when they met, no wedding ever happened, and their story still drags on." Well, it looks like it won't drag on much more.

Nicole spoils the '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' with news of marriage

In the TLC spinoff, "Happily Ever After?" fans of the franchise are meant to find out if things worked out for the couples or not. Mind you, it's not always as cut and dried as Larissa Lima and Colt(ee). That was an absolute disaster and Larissa's gone her own way.

The trouble with Nicole is that she and Azan just seem stuck in limbo. There's an eternal discussion on Reddit and Instagram about whether Azan hates her weight and if she should go and live in a Moslem country. Actually, that's pretty much more interesting than their segment of the show itself.

Now, thanks to Nicole, we know that after the show she's going to Morocco. So, no it's still an unresolved "Happily Ever After" on our screens. In Season 4, episode 5, fans of "90 Day Fiance" see Nicole's parents make a final plea. However, it looks like her mind's made up. In real time, she talks about taking her daughter May with her, and them going to live in Morocco. However, she also notes that it's easier for a Moroccan to get into the USA if he's already married.

That may be the objective of it all.

Marrying Azan in Morocco in a few months time and Nicole's daughter May goes with her

One fan asked Nicole when she was going to Morocco, to which she said she could not actually say. "It's a secret," she said. That may come from a contractual agreement with "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" However, she later said, when talking about launching a YouTube channel, that they'll do it when she goes "over there next...Sometime in the next few months."

Elaborating on getting married, Nicole said, "Our plan right now is actually for me and May to move to Morocco, marry and stay there for a while." She then adds that they will then attempt to return to America.

So, now you know. In a few months, Nicole plans to take her daughter May and go to Morocco to marry Azan. She will stay there for a while and then they'll try and get back into the USA on a spousal visa.

What do you think about Nicole spoiling the outcome of all this on Instagram? What do you think about her plans to go to Morocco in a few months and marry Azan before trying to return to the USA?

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