"90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" fans often criticize Ashley Martson for poor decision-making and problems with the truth. Actually, without a doubt, some of her decisions really come across as dumb. Now, Ashley did yet another Q&A on her Instagram Stories and revealed that she once got a "dart in [her] brain." In fact, the controversial cast member of the popular TLC spin-off says that accounts for her "dumb**s decisions." For once, those who hate on Ashley can finally agree on one point, at least.

Ashley Martson speaks out on IG about '90 Day Fiance'

Ashley Martson often does Q&A sessions on her Instagram stories. Maybe that's because when she posts up photos, she so often gets trolled. To recap slightly, the cast member of "90 Day Fiance" met and married Jay Smith from Jamaica. He's barely out his teens and she's in her 30s. Now, that didn't worry too many people, as he looked like a lot of fun. However, fans hated that she got caught out in more than one lie. Some of the allegations involved hospitalization over her Lupus and suspected Go Fund Mes. The major issue came when she finally admitted she and Jay faked their "split" storyline to TLC fans.

At the time, Reality Blurb reported, "The drama began...after Jay, 20, was attempting to do a live video session from his personal Instagram account but instead started broadcasting from an account titled “Callingyououtfraud2." They, along with numerous other outlets noted, "Right away, fans were puzzled because ‘Callingyououtfraud2’ was an account that had been leaking photos and personal information about the couple late last year." Well, the cat was out the bag, and ever since then, Ashley resorted to Instagram Q&A's rather than face the wrath of the "split" lie.

Ashley Martson talks about a 'dart in [her] brain' and 'fake' news stories in Q&A

Having been caught out in a lie, Ashley later publically announced she quit the TLC "90 Day Fiance" franchise because the TV network made them fake their storyline. So now, it's a bit of a wonder that she discussed that most reports are fake when it comes to her.

Really, can you blame the media when their lives are so full of drama? After all, Ashley filed for divorce twice, put out the wrong info on when and where they married, and so on. It would take a historian to get all the timeline in place on conflicting and dumb decisions. The media mostly reported what they saw developing.

Plus, on at least one occasion, Ashley admitted to not telling the truth.

With fans so suspicious about Ashley's juggling of the truth in the past, it's no surprise now she keeps insisting her current split with Jay is not a lie. In fact, InTouch Weekly reported on her assertions again just yesterday. Later, she said in answer to a question by a fan about how much written about her is fake, she noted, all of it is. Her answer: "Basically all of it. People can believe what they want." She added, "I know the truth and honestly, no one else matters." That may relate to a leaked 'summons' for Jay to attend an immigration court on May 8 for being in the country illegally. The court case never happened and instead, they ended up doing a photo-shoot together that day.

'Dumb**s decisions' admitted by Ashley and blamed on a dart in her brain

Among other things on Ashley's Q&A, she replied to this question: "What's a random thing about you?" In answer to that, the "90 Day Fiance" cast member replied, saying, "My brother threw a dart through my skull into the soft portion of my brain when I was six." Ashley then describes how she "got an infection." According to her, she "spent a month in the hospital." Finally, Ashley concluded, "This is why I make dumb**s decisions."

Well, there you have it, folks! Ashley admitted she made some dumb decisions. Let us count the ways...No, let's not.

it's all become too much for many fans who allegedly fast-forward through her episodes on the "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" show.

What do you think about Ashley Martson saying she got a dart in her brain? Could that account for some of her "dumb**s decisions?"

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