"Sweet Home Sextuplets" is hugely popular and it's clear why so many people take to it. The Waldrop family, at first glance almost exhausts fans of the TLC show with so many babies around. If you don't know, Courtney and Eric Waldrop dated since high school, have a son, a pair of twin boys and six other babies. Their home looks to be in a state of constant confusion, but fans love it. In fact, a recent episode got them raving on social media over the hilarious Valentine's Day photo scene.

Eric Waldrop tries to take a Valentine's Day photo and it's hilarious

In the "Sweet Home Sextuplets" episode that featured the Valentine's Day photo, Eric and dad 'Popsie' tried to get all the kids in one place. It was meant to be a special picture for Courtney. Season 2, episode 5 showed the family taking the kids all out for their first meal in a restaurant. That was funny as well, as poor Courtney said that she felt like her "head was on a swivel." So, it was no romantic dinner for two. Still, they all looked mostly happy, to the astonished faces of other people in the diner.

But another clip showed the failed photo shoot. Eric Waldrop shared ahead of the episode and that covered the time he tried to get a shot of all the kids.

However, even with the help of the bigger kids and grandpa, the chaos and confusion reigned. As fast as one baby got captured, another one scuttled away. Nobody would even look in any single direction. Eventually, Popsie said, “This is like catching butterflies with your mouth."

Fans rave about the 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' episode, love the TLC show

While many followers of the show feel uncomfortable with all the chaos and the kids, they also love it.

So many of them admire that Eric and Courtney somehow manage all of them. But, it's a very sweet and innocent sort of show. Actually, it's funny, its chaos, it's very cute at times, and it's clean. So, what's not like in a world full of ugly drama like "The Real Housewives" franchise on Bravo?

In this particular episode, so many fans took to Facebook and Instagram to rave about it being one of the funniest.

There's a lot of love going on with the "Sweet Home Sextuplets" family right now. Other shows like the "Counting On" series brings lots of kids from the Duggar family. Then there's the other TLC show about the Busby family called "OutDaughtered" with their quintuplets and daughter Blayke. But none of those come packed with the hilarity we often see in the Waldrop family.

What fans said about the Valentine's Day episode

Love for the family and love for the show really comes out strongly on social media. Here's what some "Sweet Home Sextuplets" fans said about the Valentine's Day episode:

  • @Mon**: "This show makes me so happy ☺️ I love watching this family raise all these kiddos with so much love and patience."
  • @Ann**: "I love how your husband isn't truly into the whole 'photo thing' but sure as anything he will wrangle all those babys to get a photo to make his wife happy. You got a good man there! lol (sic)."
  • @Non**: "Popsie is my FAVORITE! His voice is so sweet and his fun comments keep me laughing. You must have had a wonderful childhood with him as your dad."
  • @Anb**: "I have fallen in love with ur show but mostly ur family! You & Eric are so cute, you can see your love shine through the tv! Ur babies are too precious & your 3 boys are so funny & cute! Love y’all & the show! Best family show on tv."
  • @Jam**: "This is like catching butterflies with your mouth" I love Popsie"
  • @Ble**: "Oh this was too much poor twins hubby and daddy...oh but how cute those babies were even if they didn’t [want] no photo!!"

The episode aired on TLC USA, so if you have not yet seen it, you can still look forward to the hilarious episode where fans raved about the hilarious Valentine's Day photo shoot. Could you live like the Waldrops and survive the antics of nine kids?

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