The "SAS: Who Dares Wins" selection process has not ceased in its relentless drive, however, on Sunday night even more pressure was put on the recruits by the staff as they focused on the remaining recruits individually and less as a team as they have done in past episodes.

Three recruits were specifically chosen by the staff for 'Special Scrutiny' based on their performances since day one, the selected recruits included: #21 Louise, #14 James (who Billy and Ant dubbed a "Classic Rupert") and #17 Vicky.

Men vs Women

Out of the twenty-five recruits that joined the process, only nine were left and the four remaining male recruits were more than impressed that five women have survived this far into the hardcore selection process.

Perhaps believing that the women, who have just this year been allowed to join the SAS Selection Process would have all "VW'd" before the men.

However, the female recruits continued to prove themselves, especially #21 Louise, a midwife who has proved herself throughout "SAS: Who Dares Wins" as a strong and natural leader. #21 has also been a stand-out female recruit with her ability to keep up with her male counterparts.

Recruit #21 continued to prove herself during an 'Individual Test March' when recruits were given 45 minutes to complete a steep, five km hike. Although she came in after all the male recruits, #21 was not far behind them and proved that she could keep up. However, one recruit #23 Esmee failed to make the time cut and was culled from the process.

Facing 'The Devil'

Perhaps the scariest part of Sunday night's episode was the crossing of 'The Devil's Throat Canyon' where the recruits had to cross the 200m drop by walking over a ladder, "Don't look down it's f***ing scary!" Foxy told them shortly before the task began.

Recruit #14, James; A PR director was the first to take part and having been dubbed a "Rupert" by the staff was under close scrutiny.

Slipping right at the end of his task, #14 was told off for being too cocky, Ant reminding the rest of the recruits "Do not go to rat s**t because you're near the end and you think you've done it."

The penultimate test

"In the final stage of selection we deprive them of food, we deprive them of sleep ... to physically drain them." Ant told the camera as he discussed the process leading up to the 'Escape and Evasion' stage of the SAS Selection Process.

Ollie looked back on his "Escape and Evasion" training calling it "F***ing horrendous... you don't rest."

The recruits were split into two teams, Team Alpha led by #14 James and Team Bravo led by #7 Milo. Followed by the 'Chilean Military Hunter Force' the two teams had to avoid capture and reach two rendezvous points. Of course, both teams were eventually captured and had their heads covered and hands tied as they await the final stage of process "Interrogation."