As always Ferne was busy with work, motherhood and after two years of being single Ferne also got back in the dating game. After an offer of two dates last week from; "Love Island's" Charlie Brake and old friend Liam "Gatsby" Blackwell, Ferne was excited to go on a date and enjoy a bit of a flirt.

However, the prospect of dating after two years alone and now being a single mother, Ferne was finding it hard "I need to stop listening to everyone and go with my gut" Ferne told her friend Danielle. In the end, Ferne played it safe and only went on a date with "Gatsby," who she had previously been on a helicopter date with a few years ago.

Annie the Sleep Nanny

Just like the "Mummy Diaries" Bille Faires and Greg Sheppard did with their oldest; Nelly who was having trouble sleeping in her own bed, Ferne decided to follow suit and called in "Annie the Sleep Nanny" to help with baby Sunday.

Ferne candidly told the camera "I have never ever put Sunday to sleep in her own cot," which certainly showed as Sunday began to immediately cry once Ferne put her down in her cot after her bedtime bottle. However, Ferne's worries were validated by Annie who's services extended to staying the night to help the new mum get used to a new routine.

Eventually, after an hour of Sunday's tears, she fell asleep, and Ferne was happy that she had stuck it out.

Sunday slept through the night until it was time for Ferne to wake her, while Annie continued to advise the single mum on how to continue with her new routine.

Back to Brentwood

Ferne, baby Sunday and "Travel Buddy" Carl decided to take a break from the chaos of life and headed for a holiday in Dubai. Ferne and Carl both hoped that Sunday would sleep throughout the seven-hour flight, despite her "Stoppy" behaviour in the taxi on the way to the airport "I don't wanna be that parent with the screaming baby."

But despite a free upgrade to business class, Sunday's unhappiness continued "I'm close to tears" Ferne told her personal camera, in true Ferne fashion as she continued to be candid about the struggles of single motherhood.

Sunday eventually fell into a deep sleep shortly before the plane landed, "Screamed for two hours and now she won't even wake up" joked Carl.

Once in Dubai, a well-rested Sunday was able to enjoy her holiday as the trio headed down to the pool, hilariously wearing matching swimwear. Ferne also opened up the world of animals to Sunday as she took her to an aquarium for the first time and later the mother and daughter shared a camel ride together.

After a well-needed rest from everyday life, they headed home, where Ferne was able to catch up with her mum Jill who had recently returned from an Australian holiday herself "She cannot ever go away for that long again," and also saw Sunday make improvements in the walking department after taking her first steps in last weeks episode.