ITV Be aired part two of "Jack and Dani: Life After Love Island" last night and fans got a more in-depth look into the realities of being a couple in the public eye as Jack met up with his Brother; Oliver to discuss his and Dani's relationship. Jack just wants the world to know that "We're just a normal couple like everyone else," when discussing how news headlines and social media constantly judges his relationship.

The episode also saw the couple head to Rome for the first time with hilarious consequences as they saw the sights and dined out on Italian cuisine, as well as meeting their new puppy and bringing her home.

When in Rome

Deciding to take a break from the stresses of home, Jack and Dani took a trip to Rome, a first time for both of them. They were excited to see the sights such as; The Colosseum and The Trevi Fountain, where Jack decided to get his own back on Dani's 'Capital FM' engagement prank.

After Dani made a wish, Jack decided to have a bit of fun, by acting nervously and telling her how much he loved her before leaning down as if he was going down on one knee. Dani stopped him and giggled about his joke, but Jack was not finished as got the attention of the passers-by and leant down on one knee before shouting "I'm just tying my shoe."

The hilarious moment was clear payback for Dani's fake engagement a few weeks before, but Dani did find it as funny telling Jack "No, you don't joke about things like that."

Later on their trip, Jack and Dani headed for some "Gladiator Training" which excited Jack who back at home had been training with his old boxing coach, while Dani prefered to sit and watch as her boyfriend has a swordfight with a wooden stick.

Once they completed their training the pair received Gladiator names, Jack became Invictus, and Dani became Nemesis.

The couple ended their holiday with a romantic date in a posh restaurant, but not before the poor quality hotel iron damaged one of Jack's shirts. After a quick tiff, the couple headed out in their newly purchased leather jackets, where engagement was once again brought up, but Jack has yet to present Dani with a ring.

Jack's new lady

He's already had his Dani, and now he's got his Sandy, Jack found a new girl to love as the couple welcomed their new puppy named Sandy to the family. Fans watched last night as Jack gushed over his new Doggy Daughter and promising to take on all the Fatherly duties that come with caring for a new puppy.

Jack and Dani approached their new roles as Puppy Parents very differently, while Jack was head over heels in love with his new girl and dreaming on her sleeping in the bad, Dani was still waiting for her motherly instinct to kick in and prefered that Sandy slept in her own bed.