Last night saw the finale of 'Jack and Dani: Life After Love Island' as the three-part series came to an emotional conclusion. The episode addressed the couple's brief split, saw them to business in China and saw the opportunities the couple had been offered since winning 'Love Island' last summer.

The couple were the favourites to win from the moment they "Coupled up" on the fourth series of the popular dating show 'Love Island,' where the nation watched them fall in love. Both Jack and Dani admit that since leaving the show, they have had the eyes of the world upon them watching and judging their every move.

Fun in China

The pair headed out of the UK once more, but this time their trip focused more on business than on pleasure as Dani visited the factory where her clothing line is made, and Jack did market research for his new pen.

However, the couple, known for being fun and up for anything also took advantage of Chinese culture on their trip, as Jack once again signed up for another training class, "When in Rome," Jack attempted to become a Gladiator, but during his trip to China he decided to take on Kung Fu.

The couple also had a taste of Chinse cuisine before taking advantage of what the nightlife had to offer as they danced alongside a Chinese flashmob. They also immersed themselves with the locals saying "Ni Hao," to everyone that they passed, checking out the local markets and playing in the park.

Fincham London

As first Jack's idea to release his own pen seemed like it was just a bit of fun, but last night his dream came to fruition at the launch of his new pen aptly named "Fincham London."

Much like Dani's launch for her 'In The Style' clothing line, Jack welcomed his fellow "Love Islanders" to the launch party for his new pen.

During his time on 'Love Island,' Jack expressed his love for stationary, most specifically pens.

Getting emotional

The finale ended with Jack and Dani addressing the shock December spilt, which put the couple into the headlines once more after Dani posted news of the spilt to her social media. Having begun their relationship in the public eye, the couple has found it hard to keep their relationship private.

In their interview about the spilt Jack stated "I don't put things like that on social media ever over personal stuff. That's why I'm getting the hump." Dani responded with "I think going forward we should definitely live in the moment. Take every day as it comes and not worry and not panic about our relationship."

The couple has since reconciled and will be hosting on the red carpet and backstage at 'The National Television Awards' later this month alongside Dermot O'Leary.