Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland just struck gold when their masterpiece was awarded an Emmy on Sunday. It is hard to believe that this will be the very first major award that the show has received considering their first episode was aired five years ago.

Pickle Rick: A Legend is Born

Rick and Morty is not your typical animated program. The creators of the show are fond of pushing the envelope to its limits which is probably the main reason why they have a huge fan base. Unfortunately, at the same time, this delicate scene that is being portrayed by the show is also the cause of some outrage from traditional TV viewers.

Nevertheless, Rick and Morty showed to everybody that defying or bending the rules is beneficiary as long as you believe in your craft.

The episode that catapulted them to the limelight is when Rick Sanchez turned himself into a pickle. On that day, “Pickle Rick” was born. It is still highly regarded as the greatest episode in Rick and Morty history. For those who aren’t familiar, the main reason why Rick did it is that he was bored and he didn’t want to join his family in a group therapy session.

The Szechuan Sauce Craze

This might be the very first prestigious award that the show receives, but it's certainly not the last. The overwhelming popularity of Rick and Morty has skyrocketed, especially when they brought back the Szechuan sauce.

This is the same source that McDonald’s popularised in the early 90’s. In a bizarre turn of events, McDonald’s was pushed by passionate fans to produce the “legendary” sauce. It caused a lot of riots in different parts of the country and it even triggered one fan to sell her car just to get two sachets of Szechuan sauce.

Rick and Morty joining an elite club

Rick and Morty is even more popular on multiple social media platforms. According to a recent report, there are more than 10 groups with an average of 50,000 active members who patronise the show. The Simpsons and Southpark are already a staple when it comes to animated sitcoms, but make no mistake about it that Rick and Morty will someday reach that same plateau and they might arrive there earlier than expected.

Also, last year’s Outstanding Animated Program Awardee Bob’s Burgers, failed to defend its throne, as it was a landslide win for Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s epic show. Lastly, regarding the rumours about a definite release date of season 4 of Rick and Morty, Adultswim and it’s creators haven’t provided any date yet.