Today is a good day for Dragon Ball Super fans as two vital pieces of information about the series were provided without any warning. First, Broly, who was originally scheduled to have an appearance on “Dragon Ball Super” is now being considered as a major character in the series. Second, (true to his words), Jiren’s ultimate wish was to revive his master who was killed by a raging demon.

Pride Trooper's desire

When “Dragon Ball Super” ended abruptly, there were a lot of questions regarding Jiren and his last wish. It was fully documented that the strongest warrior (behind Goku in the Tournament of Power) suffered a lot during his early days.

Like Goku, Jiren’s main goal was to attain power and to defend his people. However, Jiren is the last of his kind as shown during Episode 127. The last image that was imprinted on his mind is when his parents were killed by the evildoers.

Jiren was rescued by a man who also became his mentor. Although they haven’t provided any detail about his teacher, he was presented by TOEI Animation as a kind and passionate character. The evildoer returned and in the same event, killed Jiren’s master. On the other hand, Jiren tried to convince his fellow students to train more to avenge their master, but they abandoned him. After a few years of intense training, Jiren became the single most destructive force in Universe 12.

When The Grand Priest revealed the prize of winning the tournament, it was crystal clear about what Jiren wants, that is to revive his master.

Knowing his last wish and what he is fighting for, it is hard to hate on Jiren The Gray. This is the same sentiments that the rest of the fans were feeling when he was knocked out of the arena.

However, this is not the last time that we will see the Pride Trooper. On numerous occasions, it was suggested by avid followers, especially famed “Dragon Ball Super” experts “ExperGamez” and “Geekdom101” that he will indeed return. The Jiren’s story isn’t finished yet and he might face the legendary Saiyan.

The Legendary Saiyan is coming

Broly has been the content or focal point of “Dragon Ball” franchise for almost a month right now. This is expected since they are hyping his upcoming movie titled “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”. Almost every day we hear and see news about a potential spoiler in the movie, but none of them seems to be true. Until later today when a fan was able to decipher some hidden scriptures about the movie in a Broly merchandise. It was stated that Broly will again cross paths with Goku and The Saiyan Prince, Vegeta.

There are also two possible outcomes once they meet, either Broly will destroy Goku and Vegeta or allow them to help him find his inner peace. Broly might be far different from other Saiyans, but in some way, they are absolutely the same. Their only difference is that Broly hasn’t mastered nor controlled his superpowers yet.