Exactly three weeks from now we will be able to see what Ava, John and the rest of the gang are about to do. Based on the latest trailer, it includes a mystical land with a unicorn. It might sound weird, but these Mavericks are still trying to convince themselves they are heroes even if they aren't already. The two-minute clip didn’t really show enough details on what season 4 episode 1 is all about, but it is guaranteed to be great by its showrunner.

Better than the previous three

There are a couple of things that make the fourth installation better than the previous three.

First off, there are a variety of new characters that will expand the plot on what "Legends of Tomorrow" is all about. The official poster released by the CW Network contains the core of the group and the returning Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Charlie). During the recent San Diego Comic-Con, the 26-year-old English native talked about going back and portraying a new character.

Maisie even provided some insights into what her new character will be and why she’s a must see in the series. The name of the new character is Charlie, a magical ephemeral who is fond of breaking the rules. Digital Spy then asked about the difference between the first character that she played, Amaya and Charlie. She gladly answers the question by stating that the only difference is the accent.

As mentioned, Maisie is British so we now have a clear idea of how Charlie will look like in season 4.

Different agenda

Second, different agenda’s from the team might cost them a lot. This is not necessarily new for "Legends of Tomorrow" but this season is far from what we are accustomed to. John Constantine, who is played exceptionally by Matt Ryan hasn’t really changed and wants to have no part of the “team”.

The antihero otherwise known as a cunning con artist wants to impose his will against anybody including our heroes. The title for season 4 episode 1 is “The Virgin Gary” which is also very intriguing. We might need to wait a couple of days more before they provide a proper synopsis for the very first episode of the new season.

Also, a lot of fans were both angry and happy when CW decided not to include "Legends of Tomorrow" on the epic crossover. The reverse is already a staple in the world of TV series as it promotes not only the main series but others like “The Flash”, “Supergirl” and “Legends of Tomorrow”. However, in a shocking statement by the producer, he stated that he is actually happy that they were not included. The main reason is, the time allotted for them to work on season 4 is just enough for the cast and crew.