Remember when they released the titles for episode 1 and 2 for season 4 and the title gives no clues of the plot? That is exactly the sentiment that fans are ranting about right now on various fan pages. However, if we are going to think about it, this is actually a good strategy from the producers or STARZ network. The “element of surprise” has always been one of the biggest factors why TV series are triumphant.

First meeting between Brianna and Laoghaire?

Nonetheless, fans should feel excited about episode 3 as it might coincide with the presented title.

For those who were able to read the book, they know already where this is going. But for the benefit of those who haven’t, be prepared and get ready as this contains a lot of spoilers especially the story of Brianna.

There are several theories that fans created when apparently "outlander" released a photo of Laoghaire and Joanie. This provided a spark that there’s a big possibility that STARZ, will show the first meeting between Brianna and Laoghaire. It is fully documented that Brianna will head to the past and it is almost guaranteed that she will entice Laoghaire.

On a flip side, this could be related to Brianna and Roger. They did hold a commitment ceremony or handfasting but Brianna isn’t really feeling it.

For some odd reason, Brianna wasn’t open to the idea and that’s where the fans correlated the title “false bride”. STARZ hasn’t released any official synopsis about episode 3 but both theories are actually feasible.

Is it by the book?

Also, fans are still waiting for the scene where finally, Brianna will stumble upon her father, Jamie.

As far as the timeline goes, this might happen in the latter part of season 4. With all the plots that the producers are trying to cover, it does raise some eyebrows on whether or not some of the topics in the book will be portrayed in the TV series. The one big problem with TV series that is based on a book is, sometimes the stories and important events are left out.

A primary example would be HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. The author of the book George R.R Martin was adamant about his notion of strictly following the sequence of the story to the producers. However, HBO had other ideas on some episodes that confused a lot of its fans, especially those who have already finished the novel.

So far, season 4 for "Outlander" hasn’t disappointed its avid followers. They have maintained their stature as one of the pillars of STARZ network and they have no plans in stopping. The only thing that the fans need to do right now is to wait for Episode 3 which will be aired on November 4 at 8/7c on STARZ.