On their first ever tour of Sussex as Duke and Duchess, Prince Harry and Meghan received loving receptions from crowds of well-wishers and Royal fans at every stop. The extremely quick four-stop visit saw the couple descend on Chichester, Bognor, Brighton and Peacehaven with big turnouts of people desperate to meet the Royal couple this week.

The Royal Tour

On their wedding day in May, Harry and Meghan were given the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, making them newly cherished idols of the region.

The BBC reported that at their first stop in the West Sussex cathedral town of Chichester, the Royal couple were seen interacting with the crowds, who lined the streets, for a prolonged reception period.

Meghan was said to be very 'natural' according to fans who reportedly spoke to her about her beloved 'wedding dress' and reminisced about the Spring wedding. Prince Harry even found time to delight fans by tickling and joking with a two-year-old admirer who had been waiting for a glimpse of the Prince with his mother.

In Bognor, the Royal husband and wife performed the duty of officially opening the University of Chichester's Engineering and Digital Technology Park before then being taken on a tour of the new state of the art facilities. Both Meghan and Harry then went into classrooms to speak with students who will be benefiting from the region's innovative new centre.

There were glorious scenes in Brighton as the couple met fans in the sunny city next to the scenic Brighton Royal Pavilion.

Crowds passionately chanted their names as they made their way around talking and laughing with ardent Royal supporters. After touring the Pavilion, Harry and Meghan went to look at a charity for survivors of rape and sexual assault, called 'Survivors' Network', continuing the Royal pair's passion for championing worthy causes.

The last stop of their whirlwind tour was in Peacehaven where they greeted young people at the Joff Youth Centre. They took a special interest in the organisation's work on mental health and wellbeing which is a cause that has been at the forefront of the Royal Family's work in recent times with the founding of their charity, 'Heads Together'.

The Royal couple have already won the hearts of many

This whistlestop tour comes in the wake of many public appearances Harry and Meghan have made which have always had a particular focus on uplifting the charitable sector and promoting worthy causes.

Just last month, Meghan announced her first solo project as a member of the Royal Family. The endeavour is a cookbook devoted to the survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster. The cookbook is being produced by cooks at the Hubb Community Kitchen in West London where the tragedy took place. Having volunteered at the centre since January, Meghan decided to write the foreword to the book as she felt so 'connected' with the organisation.