Supernatural season 14 will be one of the most explosive instalments in the series history. This was concurred by its very own producer and the lead actors as well. Andrew Dabb has stated on TVLine that this season will be a lot harder than the previous season due to Dean not being involved in numerous episodes.

Dabb was also animated about his feelings on season 14. With Dean (Jensen Ackles) out, it gives them an opportunity to develop other characters, mainly, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins). Among the three main characters mentioned, it is no secret that Dean’s “story” has been covered.

The main topic right now among Supernatural fan pages is the character of Alexander Calvert who is more commonly known as Jack.

Jack's thirst for revenge

Season 13 provided a lot of answers about Jack, but it’s now a different ball game. Ever since Sam revealed the truth about his father, Lucifer, Jack was distraught but more importantly enraged. Jack didn’t waste any time to avenge Maggie’s death as he rushes towards Lucifer. However, his heroics weren’t enough which triggers him to commit a suicide until Dean showed up who is possessed by the archangel Michael. Dean was able to save Jack and Sam, but not himself. Archangel Michael double-crossed him with their deal and now he is in full control of Dean.

New trailer released

CW just released an explosive trailer wherein Sam, Jack and Castiel seem to be disorganised. Dabb has already stated that Dean and Sam will and always be the two pillars of the show, which means that Sam will do anything to get back Dean. However, it is easier said than done knowing how the Archangel Michael moves and how elusive he is.

Hunting the Archangel is one thing, but killing him without hurting or even killing Dean is another. As seen in the clip, the three have a different state of mind over the current status of Dean.

Without hesitation, Jack stated in a particular scene that Michael needs to be stopped at any given cost. Castiel then questioned his proposition knowing that Michael is only using Dean’s body as a vessel.

The three must intact in order for them to kill Michael and save Dean. In another short cut scene, Sam uttered the words, “there will be no new king of hell”. A gutsy proclamation by Sam knowing that they don’t have a plan yet to stop the vengeful archangel. Also, Dean, who is currently controlled by Michael was seen flipping a knife and is about to start his reign of terror.