David Harbour of the popular show “Stranger Things” made a promise some time ago to officiate the wedding of a couple of firm fans. The star, who plays Chief Hopper on the popular series, finally kept that promise, by getting ordained and then officiating their wedding in Springfield, Illinois. The wedding photos were nothing less than awesome and hopefully, David got the first piece of wedding cake as requested.

This isn’t the first time Harbour has thrilled social media – and Twitter in particular – as he also posed for photos with a high-school-aged fan, while Twitter also got Chief Hopper to hang out with a bunch of penguins.

Wedding plan started in January

As reported by the BBC, Twitter user Ericka sent out a tweet to the world on 15 January this year to invite David Harbour to officiate her September wedding, asking “what would it take.”

Harbour was tagged in the post and came back with a message to say that it would take 125,000 retweets. He also added that as long as the date of the wedding works with his “Stranger Things” season 3 filming schedule, he would get himself ordained and would perform the ceremony as requested. Harbour added that he wanted to read a love letter of his choosing and wanted the very first piece of wedding cake as it was cut, adding the hashtag #AllTheCakes.

Apparently, he wanted to keep up his “dad bod.”

Chief Hopper officiates wedding

It turned out the message received 171,000 retweets, so Chief Hopper himself kept the promise and officiated the couple’s wedding. In a new tweet, revealing one of the wedding photos, Harbour said he knew it had been a while since he had been on social media, but he needed a bit of space.

He did say he had been thinking about fans in the meanwhile and all those many retweets, adding that he had kept his promise made in January.

As noted by Uproxx, it seems everyone enjoyed Harbour’s presence at the wedding, clad in full Chief Hopper costume.

The bride’s sister thanked him for doing this for her sister and new brother-in-law, saying it had been amazing to meet him. She reportedly almost freaked out when they met and she thanked Harbour for dealing with that so graciously.

The wedding photographer naturally also enjoyed the “Stranger Things” star appearing in the wedding photos, tweeting that it was “pretty fabulous.” The photographer said Harbour had totally made it an amazing day for the couple and Jill Gum said she had enjoyed taking the photos too.