Change is coming in Season 2 of the recently rebooted “Will & Grace,” with a host of familiar faces. One especially will be very familiar to fans of sitcoms from the 1990s. David Schwimmer, who played Ross Gellar in the hugely popular sitcom “Friends,” will be starring in Season 2 as Grace Adler’s latest love interest.

As noted by Entertainment Tonight, Schwimmer’s character on the show will vary widely from our lovable Ross Gellar. He is a totally different man.

Grace running for office in Season 2

Debra Messing (who plays Grace of course) told ET that David Schwimmer will be featured in the show early in Season 2, but not in the first episode.

A video clip has been released (see below) which appears to show Grace meeting Noah – Schwimmer’s character – at a campaign event.

Grace, wearing a badge which supports her campaign, tells Noah that she and he hate the same things, including TV and taxis, to which he instantly adds “chatty redheads” to the list. While that comment seems negative, it looks like they work out their differences.

Messing did say in July that the new season of "Will & Grace" will have them getting into every character on the show’s private lives. She didn’t, however, say how long his fans could expect David to be on the show.

Debra just said they will do what they always do, commenting on world events and trying to make us laugh out loud each week. She added that they want to bring us that joy.

David Schwimmer on ‘Will & Grace’

As reported by Bustle, Schwimmer spoke to ET about his new role, saying playing a role at the level of this cast – who he added are at the top of their game – is like a “great, wonderful gift” to him.

While “Friends” fans will no doubt be excited Schwimmer is joining the show, they are warned that Noah will not be anything like his previous character of Ross.

In “Will & Grace” he will be ditching his professorial look to a smarter, all-black outfit.

As can be seen from the brief clip, he also tends to look a little exasperated with what is going on around him. He seems to have a sharper edge, which he will need if he ever wants to fit in with Grace’s friends.

Other familiar faces in ‘Will & Grace’

Season 2 will be introducing a few other familiar faces besides David’s, as a former lover of Karen, played by Alec Baldwin, appears to flirt with our favourite socialite. Talking of Karen, she’s getting a divorce, which opens her up for a bit of fun. Will, on the other hand, has become a teacher.

Other faces will include Chelsea Handler, Jon Cryer, and Matt Bomer. Obviously, the latter will naturally be the subject of a certain amount of fawning with two of our pals, as soon as they spot Bomer’s character.

Fans can catch all the fun when Season 2 of “Will & Grace” returns to NBC in the US on 4 October. Radio Times reports that the show is expected to be aired at a later date on Channel 5 for UK fans.