The reboot of the sitcom “Roseanne” was recently cancelled in mid-flight after Roseanne Barr made a racist remark on Twitter. Now producers are about to launch a spin-off show, “The Conners.” They have already worked out how to kill Roseanne’s character off in the show and Barr said it will be due to an opioid overdose.

Barr says she will be in Israel when “The Conners” premieres, as she feels she will be drawn into some kind of “negative thing.” However, she also plans on learning Hebrew while there.

Roseanne visits Israel to learn Hebrew

Entertainment Weekly reports that Roseanne Barr was interviewed on Tuesday on the “Dr.

Oz” show. She was asked about why she was going to Israel when “The Connors” airs. The new show is set to air in October this year and while Barr is in it briefly, she said she won’t be around when that happens.

Roseanne, 65, said she knows she will be drawn into a “negative thing” when the new series launches. She wants to stay away to avoid having to defend herself or get angry about her mischaracterization. Barr, who will be travelling to Israel to stay away from it all, saying she prefers to be in a positive, joyous and happy place in her life.

Barr was asked what she will be doing in Israel and she said it was mainly to learn Hebrew and to speak it fluently. She says currently she knows and loves the letters, but can only read them slowly.

Roseanne then said she had been taught by several teachers over the years who live in Israel and she wants to study with them.

Roseanne killed off on ‘The Conners’

Talk of her Israel trip comes one day after the comedian told her fans how they plan to kill her character off in “The Connors.” Barr spoke on a YouTube show “Walk Away,“ by Brandon Straka, saying yes, they killed the Roseanne character off with an opioid overdose.

Barr went on to say it wasn’t enough for producers to fire her, they also had to insult fans who loved the family and the show. Roseanne said there is nothing she can do about it, as it is done and over and she said she has no fight left in her. Barr also spoke about her political views on the show.

The reboot of “Roseanne” came after Barr posted a racist tweet making fun of Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s White House aide, earlier this year.

She has apologised several times for what she called a “joke,” but the angry outcry over her tweet led to her being fired and then killed off in the spin-off series.

The Conners” is set to premiere on ABC in the USA on 16 October. The Sun reports that the show will not be available in the UK and is not yet planned for streaming on Netflix.