For those who haven’t read the book Drums of Autumn, don’t be surprised if Jamie will meet a likely ally once he gets to America. This is not the first time it was teased that Aunt Jocasta or veteran actress Maria Doyle is set to join the cast. Jocasta is the youngest sister of Ellen Fraser, mother of Jamie. There is a myriad of speculation already on this character on whether or not she will be true to Jamie and the MacKenzie creed. But again, for those who have perused the book of Diana J. Gabaldon, they have a clear idea of what Aunt Jocasta is all about.

Jaime the bear killer

The bear killer makes his entrance but might not be welcomed by the bookworms. Moore stated in one of his interviews that they will eventually show this epic scene with a twist. They haven’t provided a clear detail yet on what the twist is all about. However, they are positive that it will be accepted by real fans of Outlander. No more playful and romantic scene between Jamie and Claire. With that said, some fans especially the elderly (according to polls) will no longer see the intense chemistry that they look forward to every episode. The reason behind it is to show some angle of them being a couple as hinted by Sam in an interview.

The reunion that everybody was longing to see

Father and daughter moments will bring out the best of the characters. Arguably the main catalyst of season 4 is when Jaime finally meets her daughter. Having a family might be the greatest blessing that Jaime and Claire could have asked for. The only problem is, not everything will go as planned.

With the upbringing of their daughter, it will create some disagreement between the two which is a normal situation in any given family. Tears will surely shed in multiple episodes of season 4. Scotland will still be the main setting for the latest season. There were a few miscommunications weeks ago about the series filming in North Carolina amongst fans.

Sad to say that the US fanbase won’t have a chance to see the set stateside as the North Carolina angle will be shot in Eastern Europe.

New villain will raise hell

Another element on why the show is on top of the food chain is the way this set of actors portray their roles. Father Bain, Jack Randall, Laoghaire Mac Kenzie, Prince Charles Edward Stuart and Geillis Duncan are just some of the antagonist who made a remarkable impression between seasons 1-3. Ed Speelers has the chance to be part of the best villain list as he will play Stephen Bonnet. A smuggler, well rounded and fierce pirate which will provide some problems for Jaime Fraser.