It was just a matter of time until Pat Phelan executed his evil plans. Everybody knows what he is capable of but there are certain people who clearly don’t understand. His track record speaks for itself, Pat is not the guy you want to play with. However, Gary Windass tried to push his luck. It is fully documented that Gary is known for his impulsive decision making. His behaviour will likely kill him and that might happen in the next episode.

There was once a show produced by FOX called “When Animals Attack!” but they should have changed the title to “When Foolish People go near Vicious Animals!”.

This is clearly the storyline that is happening between Pat Phelan and Gary Windass. Being suspicious and curious about Pat, Gary was able to track him down. He was shocked, to say the least when he saw him alive and well. Instead of reporting to the authorities or even to his family, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Be careful what you wish for Gary

Gary has already made up his mind to do a sneak attack on Pat. Well, that didn’t work and clearly made the biggest mistake of his life. If there’s one thing Gary should understand is, not only is he dealing with the most vicious criminal in ‘Corrie’ but he is facing an evil genius. However, as reported, he won’t kill Gary Windass. This is accurate since Mikey North, the actor who plays Gary has stated that he just renewed his contract with "Coronation Street".

If that’s the case, then who will be Pat Phelan’s next victim?

As seen in multiple web magazines and streaming sites, Pat will end up in one room with Robert Preston, Carla Connor and Michelle Connor. Among those three, who is the most likely to be killed without mercy? Robert Preston is clearly safe from Phelan’s rage. The showrunners are still planning to develop more of his character and the storyline about him having an addiction to steroids.

Carla Connor has suffered enough following the loss of her brother Aidan due to suicide. A lot of fans think that she is next in line because theoretically, she is still bewildered by the recent events in her life. Fortunately, she isn’t scheduled yet to meet her maker.

Could this be goodbye to Michelle Connor?

Sadly, Michelle Connor will be the casualty which means that this is the last time we will see Kym Marsh on the show.

The scenes described by the insider stated that the new episode looks more of a horror movie than a SOAP opera. Michelle Connor will be caught in a crossfire and her beautiful wedding dress will be covered with her own blood