Hollywood has come up with the most sensational news of 2018 - making a movie on the Thai cave rescue operation. Pure Flix Entertainment has taken the initiative to get the movie rights about Thai rescue mission - trapping of the 12 boys and their coach in a Thai cave.

The company announced this news when the last boy was rescued, according to NDTV. The main aim of making a movie is to inform the entire world how effortlessly they saved 13 children and their coach in a cave near the Chinese border.

The real incident of Thai cave

12 boys and their soccer coach were trapped in the cave in the northern Chiang Rai province for more than two weeks when they went for exploration.

The rescue operation started on Sunday, and four out of 12 Thai school boys were rescued in serious condition.

Another four boys were extracted from the deadly cave on Monday, and the last four boys and their coach were taken out on Tuesday. A navy driver sacrificed his life on Friday during the rescue operation. The children and their coach received the food, medical amenities including paracetamol and fresh water.

Interesting facts about the movie

Pure Flix Entertain has joined the rescue operation and also planned to turn this entire incident into films. Michael Scott who has been living part-time in Thailand during the rescue operation wants to turn the entire incident into a movie. He reported to the Times of Hollywood that he had witnessed fearlessness and doughtiness and it’s an inspiring thing for him, and it should be turned into a movie.

David A.R., the co-founder of the production company, reported the Wall Street Journal that Pure Flex is thinking to Film the entire incident and for this purpose, Pure Flex is connecting with actors, writers and investors to be a part of this incredible journey.

He also added that some credible partners have shown their interest and contacted with Pure Flex and it is their duty to deal with this situation carefully since it is a personal story. At the same time stories should be entertaining and inspire the whole world without exploiting the situation.

The rescued boys will have to spend at least a week in the hospital and a month at home, following a rescue, according to the doctors.

In a similar case, in 2000, 33 gold miners spent 69 days trapped underground at the San Jose mine in northern Chile.

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