There are no words to explain the impact of what happened during the last segment in "Coronation Street". For several weeks, fans were provided with hints that Pat Phelan will again create havoc in 'Corrie'. However, his evil plan was cut short thanks to his nemesis, Anna Windass. This angle alone eclipsed other major storylines in the episode, which isn’t really a shocker to most of the fans.

The legend of the 'Greatest Villain' in ‘Corrie’

For the past five years, Pat Phelan made a lot of fans angry and upset triggering some of them to draw up a petition advocating killing the character off.

This is the same case with other shows like "Game of Thrones", who has Ramsay Bolton and Joffrey Baratheon voted as the most despised characters. The actor himself, Connor McIntyre received backlash in real life which is very interesting, to say the least. This shows the testament or body of work the actor has put into the character, making the fans even hate him in real life.

Throughout the rich history of "Coronation Street", no other villain can match the magnitude of work that Pat Phelan accomplished. He was already hailed by the Executive Creative Director of the show Tony Pipes as the greatest villain and it is safe to say that his legacy has already been cemented. The character that is being presented is similar to the legendary Dr Hannibal Lecter of “The Silence of The Lambs”.

A cerebral assassin who can manipulate and strike fear on any given day with minimum effort is truly an intimidating entity.

Evil genius

Pat Phelan, who staged his death the first time was simply an eye opener for the avid fans. It clearly states that this kind of storyline can change in a matter of seconds. His whole family believed that he was gone forever.

However, it was just a part of his plan as he was lurking behind the scenes. His strategy upon his return was very simple, to have revenge against everybody whom he felt “double-crossed” him.

Gary Windass made Pat Phelan’s plan easier, instead of going to the authorities and reporting Pat, he wanted to take matters into his own hands.

Gary’s reluctant and impulsive behaviour is again the main reason why he's in trouble. Only for Pat, it seems that everything is working for him and it was surreal when he met Robert, Carla and Michelle in one room. He terrorised them the way he only could and it was just a matter of time before he kills them all.

Unfortunately, his nemesis Anna Windass has his number. Her anger got the best of her and even though it wasn’t her plan to brutally kill Pat, she ended the streak of the “greatest villain” on the series with a knife to his chest. As for Connor McIntyre, he said that the character will stay close forever to him and the same goes for the fans of 'Corrie’.