“Lucifer” season 4’s future is now bright as Amazon Studios is reportedly in talks to pick up the show. In an interview with the network’s head, Jennifer Salke, she revealed to Deadline some juicy details about the series' possible relocation. But unfortunately, there is a catch. Will this be the move that fans have been waiting for?

A move to a new network

“We were talking about ‘Lucifer,’” Salke told Deadline on Thursday, June 7. However, the Amazon Studios head is not yet sure where the network stands regarding “Lucifer” season 4’s possible move.

Salke is aware that the UK viewers are confident of that show, but she still doesn’t know the discussion’s progress. What she is sure of is that a talk happened and it is about the series' possible move. But according to Business Insider, there will be a catch to the series’ relocation. If this happens, the move will be more complicated than expected because the show’s first two seasons are still available to be seen on Hulu. So, this could get on the way of picking up the show.

Meanwhile, talking about the previous season finale at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne, Australia, over the weekend, via Comicbook, Lauren German, who plays the role of Detective Chloe Decker, revealed what her reaction was to the major cliff-hanger.

To recall, she and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) went head-to-head against Pierce, or also known as Cain or the Sinnerman (Tom Welling), after they found out that he killed Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer). Lucifer threatened Cain that he was going to hell and revealed his real looks to everyone. As Chloe saw his true face, German said that her character could eventually accept the surprising revelation after she coped up with the biggest shock of her life.

The possible storyline of the fourth season

The 39-year-old star explained, via Clare Kramer on Twitter, that Chloe’s love for Lucifer "is like the way she loves her family." “I think after she gets over the initial shock, Chloe without having to fight it, she would accept it," she added. Also, the series showrunner Joe Henderson earlier revealed to Deadline that Chloe’s acceptance of Lucifer’s real identity could have been seen in "Lucifer" season 4.

Lucifer proved to Chloe that “he is who he said he really was” when he revealed his devil face. Now that German’s character finally knows the truth, Henderson said, “that was the big thrust of season 4 -- exploring Chloe dealing with those ramifications.” This was also meant to reveal how this revelation could affect their relationship professionally and personally.