Last month multiple TV stations axed various shows due to a variety of reasons. Some of them weren’t renewed due to poor ratings and outrageous storyline. However, there are some shows that were cancelled even though they have respectable numbers. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Lucifer" are amongst the shows that need reconsideration. Not only do they have a huge fan base, but they have shown that they are worthy of being aired on primetime television.

Why the show needs to be revived

"Lucifer" is actually a spin-off of the “The Sandman” comic books. The title of the TV show actually raised a lot of eyebrows since "Lucifer" is known as the devil in Christianity.

Although there are some similarities, the show isn’t actually supporting “the way of the devil”. When FOX launched this series, it opened up a lot of eyes and stirred the imagination about certain aspects on life of a delicate nature. This is a huge gamble to say the least, but FOX and the producers stuck with it and were able to inspire a lot of fans.

Amazon Studios to the rescue?

Then suddenly, ‘Lucifer’ was cancelled. Amidst the cancellation, fans took their anger onto social media and even started signing petitions. After a few days, their movement was heard by another juggernaut in the industry, Amazon Studios. Currently, they are in constant communication about reviving the show. This isn’t the first time that Amazon saved a TV show, they've already revived Syfy’s “The Expanse” and there’s a strong possibility that it will happen with "Lucifer" evidenced on their numbers and the fan base.

It is quite interesting that the show has more fans in the UK than in the US. With that said, knowing how big UK fandom is, Amazon is now looking into ways to save "Lucifer". But it is not as easy as “The Expanse”. Jennifer Salke, who is the boss for Amazon stated a particular problem which is hindering them from keeping the show.

Season 1 and 2 for "Lucifer" is intact with “Hulu”. Which basically means that Amazon needs more time on how to attack and make a deal with its competitor. It is not impossible to acquire, but it might cost them some money.

Amazon has an awesome TV lineup right now, but none of the programs compares to "Lucifer". As for the fans who are eager to see the 4th season of the series, they might need to wait for a couple of weeks or even months. This might be a small step as mentioned, but anything is possible. Hopefully, by the year ends, we will receive great news from Amazon Studios.